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I came all the way from Washington to London because I wanted to propose to my lovely girlfriend Ting.

As I am not from London I requested the help of marriage proposal and romantic event planning company, The Proposers. I told them that I only had one specific request for the proposal, which was for it to be in an iconic London landmark. And boy did they deliver! They told me that you can actually hire out Wellington Arch, which, not only can you see Buckingham Palace from, but it’s also a landmark that only the Queen of England is allowed to drive under!

I knew that this was the perfect spot to propose to Ting. Next we just had to come up with the best way to do this.

The Proposers suggested that we use three canvases which would be set out along the room in Wellington Arch. These canvases would represent our past, present and future. I loved this idea.

On the day of the proposal I told Ting that we were going for a private tour in Wellington Arch followed by a fancy dinner, so she should wear something nice. I knew that we were having photographs taken and she’d hate to be wearing her casual clothes for something so special!

As Ting and I walked into Wellington Arch we met a guide (who was one of The Proposers planners in disguise). She pretended to be taking us on the tour, but before we started I excused myself pretending that I needed to use the bathroom. I told them to start the tour without me so that I could sneak off and wait for Ting at the end of the tour.

When Ting entered the main room of Wellington Arch she was shocked when she was greeted by a group of singers who were performing her favourite song, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud.’

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As she was danced around the room by the singers Ting was lead to three easels. The easels had the canvases on, which The Proposers had wrapped beautifully in blue paper with a pink ribbon (Ting’s favourite colors).

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The easels were surrounded by a trail of pink rose petals, fairy lights and lanterns. It looked stunning. Ting was happily surprised when she saw what was on each easel. When she got to the last canvas Ting was told to go out onto the balcony which overlooked the Palace. It was here that I was waiting for her.

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As she approached my heart started to race. The big moment was finally here. As she reached me I got down down on one knee and asked her to be my wife…

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…and she said YES!

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We celebrated with a bottle of champagne as we overlooked the iconic sights of London. It was perfect.

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