Tinella and Bryce

Proposal Ideas Disneyland

How We Met

I met this lovely soul Stephanie from group therapy after the tragic Route 91 shooting in Vegas 2017. We became family. She ends up losing her job & started working somewhere new. One day at a local concert in April of 2018, she sees Bryce & immediately thought he’d be perfect for me, just based on looks. Lol. She doesn’t get the chance to show me that day. So the next day she’s talking about the concert with her coworker .. turns out that coworker is Bryce’s sister, Isabel! Stephanie freaked and turned on her matchmaking skills. They asked us to send them selfies of ourselves. Then they sent us theirs. We both liked each other’s looks for sure. Lol. Then they exchanged our numbers. We talked, texted & emailed every day. Met a week later & the rest is history! Crazy how life works. Also, Stephanie only worked there for about 4 months! It was all fate.

How They Asked

Sunday, December 8th, 2019 was “just” supposed to be a family trip to Disneyland. First time both of our families going together. I am obsessed with pictures so the first stop was the tree so we could take family pictures and a big group picture.

After we take the family and group pictures they have Bryce and I take pictures. Totally forgot about pictures of us but thankfully they remembered for me lol I see my mom, Isabel & Jude all have their phones out. I thought they were just taking pictures for me because they knew I would want some.

Do you see his right hand messing with something in his pocket?

When we’re done taking pictures I start to walk away but Bryce taps me & says “wait, Tinella” I turn and see him getting down on one knee. My jaw drops and he asks “Tinella will you marry me?” I said, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” He nervous giggled and said “YEAH!” I kissed him & said, “of course!” It was the most magical day at Disneyland. I was the happiest girl on earth.

Tinella and Bryce's Engagement in Disneyland

Special Thanks

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