Tineesa and Theo

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How We Met

My bestfriend had a big hand in why I joined Tinder in the first place. She convinced me to join after a couple of months and said she had a really good feeling about it. I had met people but nothing clicked and a few months later I was about to give up but my bestfriend told me to keep going and how she still had a good feeling about this. November came and I matched with this guy named Theodore (goes by Theo). The interesting thing about this is I have always loved the name Theodore, my grandpa has the same name as well. I named my car Theo and I also wanted my child to have that name.

I took a leap and messaged him and we were both waiting for our show to come on that night, “Empire”. We talked for a couple of weeks and the connection was easy. We decided to go for drinks as our first date. I ordered a beer and Theo ordered Iced Tea. In Theo’s head, it was all fine but in my head, I was asking myself why he ordered iced tea when going out for drinks. I come to find out he didn’t realize what drinks meant lol. He didn’t really talk too much and I didn’t really know if he was interested in me. We left feeling like there was nothing there but decided to give it one more shot because of our conversations through messaging. The second date we went mini-golfing and it was a really fun date that allowed us to relax. We both felt a spark and went on a third date skating at Gage Park. It was so magical with all of the lights, we took our first picture and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Her point of view: We decided to go to Blue Mountain to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. They had a lights display throughout the village with Christmas music that they put on during the holiday season. It was so beautiful and we had the best time. We got home on Friday and Theo was trying to convince me to go back on Saturday night for the fireworks (Blue Mountain is 45 minutes from his house). I kept telling him I didn’t feel like going because we just came back from there. He went to the mall on Friday but it was 2 weeks before Christmas so I assumed it was to go shopping for my Christmas present. Theo told me his siblings had never been to Blue Mountain and finally convinced me to go for the fireworks on Saturday. After the fireworks, we walked around looking at the lights display. The last stop was the Gazebo where Theo’s sisters wanted to take photos. Atashnie said she would take a photo of us, she asked us to move under the mistletoe. After we took a photo Theo reached into his pocket and took out a pandora box; he gave it to me and said “Happy early anniversary”. **Side note: Theo bought me a pandora charm bracelet for our first anniversary and each anniversary he buys me another charm to add to the bracelet.** I opened the pandora box and saw the engagement ring charm and that is when I knew what was about to happen. He got another ring box out of his pocket and got down one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in so much shock because he kept telling me we wouldn’t be getting engaged for another couple of years.

His Point of View: I was planning to do it when we went to Blue Mountain for our anniversary but the ring wasn’t ready on time (for Thursday). When I got it on Friday the 13th I couldn’t propose because I didn’t know if Tineesa would feel as though it was bad luck. I had to find a way to convince her to go back but she didn’t want to go for just fireworks so I said my siblings would go as well since they had never been. When we got to Blue Mountain I didn’t know when to do it because the gazebo was always packed. Then when the fireworks finished my sisters started heading to the gazebo to make it look like they wanted to take pictures there (meanwhile it was for the proposal). When we were in the gazebo taking a photo I took the charm box out of my pocket and gave it to Tineesa. While she was looking at it I got the ring box out of my pocket and got down on one knee and proposed. I was nervous because more people were gathering around the gazebo but she said yes instantly. Afterward, we had poutine at Blue Mountain and then had a mini celebration at my house.

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