Tine and Rob

Tine and Rob's Engagement in Portugal-Fuseta

How We Met

In 2012 I decided to go and study in Bruges, the most romantic city in Belgium. On the first day of University I met a group of boys who where so funny, enthusiastic and spontaneous. One of the guys (Rob) became one of my best friends when I broke up with my ex of 4 years. We started to do things together such as going for drinks, going for dinner, talking, watching movies etc. Ofcourse I friend-zoned him at that moment, but it was a hopeless case.

When we went on a skiing trip together (with other people aswel), Rob gave me a choice: him or the single life. At that moment I wasn’t ready to settle, so I choose wrong. After 3 weeks without any contact from his side, I started to miss him. So I decided to contact Rob and ask him to come over and go get a drink. That is the day we started dating ‘officially’. After 4 weeks of going incognito towards our friends, we decided to go public and kissed in front of everyone we knew while going out. Everyone was so shocked but also pleased to see us together.

When people started to ask questions ‘how long have you been together’ or ‘when was your first kiss’, we say it was the 1st of April (april fools). After that, we finished our University, we bought our own little house and adopted 3 little furballs also “cats” (Frederik, Gianni and Boris).

Rob is a gooffball just like me. He loves making jokes, getting on my nerves and just teasing me. Sometimes I do not want to enter a room when he is home because I think he waits behind the door to make me scream. He is also the most hugable and most beautiful person I ever met. He makes me feel like I am purrfect (pun intended).

how they asked

On the end of September we went to Fuzeta, Portugal just to have a relaxing vacation with another couple (Steven and Sofie). On the third day of our vacation, we went to a little town (i forgot the name) where I saw a beautiful (I mean absolutely gorgeous) proposal ring. Ofcourse (the fool I am) I said to Rob: this is the one I want whenever you want to propose! He started smiling and said: “you should be happy with what you are getting IF I will propose!”. This is the moment where I started thinking: o m g, will this be the moment? On this vacation? Panic alert! Everyone acted as nothing happened so I thought I was imagining things.

When we got back to the appartement, Rob wanted to speak to me in private and said that Steven had a surprise for Sofie. He would help Steven but my job was to keep Sofie busy at the swimming pool. So while we were sitting there I went on and on and asked a lot of questions so she wouldn’t think about the boys. In the meanwhile I was still thinking: o m g, will this be the moment?

When we returned to the apartment, we started to dress up and call Rob where they were (I first sent him a message, so it wouldn’t be to obvious for Sofie). He said they where at the beach and that they would wait for us to go for dinner. When we first stepped out of the door, I felt as if there were 10.000 butterflies in my stomach. But I said to myself: if this is really for Sofie, you will be so disappointed, so stop feeling this way! When we walked towards the beach, the butterflies were getting bigger and bigger.

When we got to the beach and I saw him, I knew right away, he was going to ask me. He had taken care of everything, there was champagne, blankets, candles, even flowers! When he took my hand and guided me to the place and went on his knee, I started crying. It was everything I ever wanted. I never saw a more beautiful sunset (and ring) in my life. I yelled: YES. And now I am here, planning my wedding!

Special Thanks

Steven Serrien
 | Photos, video, planning, etc.
Sofie Declau
 | Photos, video, planning, etc.