Tinamarie and John

Image 1 of Tinamarie and JohnHow We Met: One Christmas (2012) I gave my best friend Athena a collage of pictures of us in a picture frame as part of her gift. Fast Forward to February 2013 and she calls me one afternoon jumping for joy saying how a coworker of hers saw the pictures on her desk and will not stop asking about me! She went on to say how she thinks he’s such a great guy and that I NEED to let him take me out. Being the shy person I am, and completely a hopeless romantic, I was very hesitant and unsure about being set up and was convinced that I would magically meet my prince charming some other way as if I was part of a movie so I said no.

Even though she was upset she let it go and stopped trying to push me about it. A few months after that, July 2013 to be exact, she calls me up AGAIN to say how her coworker John is STILL asking about me and she wanted to to give it one more try for him. Debating it back and forth over the phone I finally caved and thought to myself what’s the worst that could happen? She gave him my number and soon after he text me and we began to talk. He asked me to go to dinner later that week so we can meet in person.

We set the time and place and being the independent person I always strive to be I told him I can meet him at the restaurant, Ruth Chris. Being the extreme gentleman he is he refused to let me find my own way there and told me he would picking me up from my office. The day before our planned date I was still so unsure about being set up this way and if it weren’t for my other two best friends, Tiffany and Erik, stopping me I would have canceled.

When John and I finally met and went to dinner I can honestly say it was the best time I ever had. I have never been more comfortable and felt more myself as I did with him and I still do now. I fell in love with him at that moment sitting across from him at that dinner table. Thank goodness I have the friends I do and that they have my best interest always at heart because if it weren’t for them and their pushes of encouragement I may not have found my true love.

how they asked: Marriage has always been on the table for John and I from the very beginning. We both always knew it is one another we want to spend our lives with and have the same hopes & desires for a future and family together. April 4th, 2015 a week after John and I moved into our new apartment we still were completely disheveled and overwhelmed with all the work that was ahead of us before we could actually get settled in to our new place.

Having made plans previously weeks before with his boss, or so i thought, for dinner this night we had to put another night of fixing things at the apartment on hold to get ready and go out. I most certainly did not mind and knew we can use a night to enjoy ourselves. In the midst of my prep time for the evening John received a call from his boss mentioning how he had to all of a sudden cancel. John being the way he is refused to let us loose out on a night we needed to take a break, cool down and clear our heads before tackling everything else for the apartment again so he called in “last minute” requests/ favors to get us a reservation for just the two of us at one of my favorite restaurants Valbella in Soho, NYC.

During dinner John was very eager to get me to hurry and finish up so we can take a walk on the high line. The high line is a special spot for us as it is where we first told one another we loved each other. Being the hopeless romantic I am I was so wrapped up in how cute I thought he was for remembering this that I did not realize just how quickly we ate dinner and had desert. After rushing my cappuccino to take this walk we headed on up the stairs and started taking in the beautiful scenery of NYC around us.

A few feet ahead of us there was a photographer snapping away at the many pedestrians enjoying their evening as much as us. To our luck he came up to us and introduced himself as Darryl from the NY Times and stated he was doing an article about the high line and asked if he could take a picture of us. Me not being shy from the camera was ecstatic and said absolutely! After a few snaps were taken he handed us his card and wished us a beautiful evening.

As we walked away I turned to John with a huge smile and said “Babe, the NY Times? We’re going to be famous!” He just laughed it off as he usually does when I say the typical corny things that come out of my mouth. As we continued to walk we decided to take a few pictures of our own and John began to tell me how much he loves me and how he could not imagine life without me in it. Me never holding back how I feel with him began to tear up and say just how much he means to me.

Image 2 of Tinamarie and John

As our conversation continued about just how much we love our lives together he went into his inside pocket and in a blink of an eye I see that little ring box little girls always dream of seeing. As he got down on one knee to ask for my hand in marriage, and just as the tears began to pour down, I begin to say yes and all of a sudden I hear a big crowd cheering.

Image 3 of Tinamarie and John

Image 4 of Tinamarie and John

With a huge smile I turn to the crowd and notice all the faces cheering to be all of our immediate family and closest friends who were watching the proposal the whole time along with Darryl “from the NY Times” snapping away to capture every single minute.

Image 5 of Tinamarie and John

I have never been more happy than in that moment with the love of my life. Family means everything to me and John took all steps to plan out and make sure the whole evening was very special for us which is even more heartwarming to me because John is not the planning kind at all. He makes me feel so special every day with just how the way he hugs me that I should have known the proposal would have been no different. I am so happy to spend our lives together.

Photos by: Darryl C. Madison