Tina and Steve

How We Met

We met in May 2015. We were at a KYAA convention in DC, it was Sunday brunch, we ended up sitting at the same table with some other mutual friends. “Nice FitBit.” THAT was our first conversation starter haha. Steve had his shades on during the entire brunch and wasn’t all that talkative like the real Steve we all know. A couple months into dating he finally told me that it was because he was super nervous around me (cause he was already interested and asked my cousin James about me the first night of that weekend) and the shades helped him play it cool. That was that. Then a couple months later he Facebook messaged me for the first time and has Snapchat messaged me all the way up until the point where we saw each other again in person at the next convention a whole year later.

how they asked

Several months ago Steve told me about this wedding we were going to at a vineyard in Upstate New York near Ithaca. I was excited for this cause I wanted to dress up and I knew how beautiful and popular this area was for its vineyards and lakeside views.

Wedding weekend is finally here. Saturday morning, we pulled up to this big lake house where I saw a bunch of cars parked and heard people talking in the house. Steve tells me “Come on, we’re cutting through the back.” I thought he was crazy; I didn’t want to trespass on someone else’s property! I was so scared I literally would only look down at the ground cause I didn’t want to engage eye contact if we got caught or questioned. We walked through the backyard and stopped right before the woods where I looked up to see a sign that said: “Walk Our Story”. And that’s when I knew!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Upstate New York

As we made our way through, I noticed picture frames hanging on the trees. Each tree represented a milestone in our relationship with pictures and memorabilia we both saved over the years. We get to the dock where he takes my hand and starts telling me all the things he loves about me…and a whole bunch more I can’t remember because this is when it hit me that he was proposing! Next thing you know he’s down on one knee with a little black box in his hand, I’m saying “YES!” a million times over and hugging him. After he put the ring on my finger, I heard people screaming and cheering. I turn around to see all our family and friends walking down to congratulate us from NJ, NY, Philly, Chicago, Florida, and even the Caribbean! We all head out to this winery where the celebrations continue and spent the rest of the weekend crashing at that lake house together.

Proposal Ideas Upstate New York

Quick backstory on this ever so special lake house….so 2 years ago, Steve hosted a weekend trip for his graduation with all his friends and family. I told him I had finals and couldn’t make it but I was planning to come all along. Turns out he was able to surprise me at the same lake house I surprised him at a couple years ago!

Now no more surprises, I got a fiancé! I love you and I can’t wait to marry you Steve Malayil!

Special Thanks

Robyn Baty