Tina and Karlos

How We Met: My fiancé and I both come from different religions. We both knew that we wanted to spend our whole lives together forever. He’s born catholic and I’m born Muslim. I was always worried what if our families wouldn’t get along or if one day a problem would occur because of our different religions.

how they asked: As years passed by, no religion, no nationality, no person, would tear our love apart. I once told my fiancé that going to Paris just for a couple of days would be my dream vacation. Definitely in my bucket list. Until he totally surprised me with tickets to go with him! I couldn’t believe it, not only was it out first vacation ever together, but it was in Paris.

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I thought to myself this is the best surprise anyone can give me,until the night he proposed, on the balcony, with the view of the Eiffel Tower only feet away from us.

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It was the most magical moment of my life. A night that I would never ever forget. I kept telling myself, finally, finally I get to marry my best friend, the man of my dreams! By the way, both of our families couldn’t be any more happy for us!

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