Tina and Juan

How We Met

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Juan and I first met at college it was the very first day of freshman orientation. I was the new out of town girl from Florida and he was the funny, charming guy that everyone knew of. For orientation they spilt us into groups. Since Juan and I were both commuters we were in the same group along with 10 other people. Our mentors wanted to play a couple of ice breaker games to get us comfortable with one another and to get to know each other better. The first game we played was introducing ourselves by putting an adjective in front of our first name. Mine was “Terrific Tina”. It was Juan’s turn to introduced himself and everyone turned to and looked at him in anticipation. He announced his name as “Juicy Juan” everyone busted out into laughter and giggles. I remember in that instant in my head saying, I want to be his best friend. We then played another game which consisted of our mentors putting post it noted on our backs with famous celebrities names and we all had to help each other figure out what celebrity we had. We started the game and I had my back turned, I heard Juan’s voice saying “has someone helped you out yet?” I turned around slowly and he then said “wow you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.” While I had the biggest and brightest smile on my face, I said thank you. We then figured out who each other had and then we all sat down. After we had finished this game our mentors had one more for us. A ball was thrown around the room and on the ball had tasks that we all had to perform. Juan caught the ball and his task was to compliment someone in the room. He looked at me, stood up and said “I just complimented her a few minutes ago but I’ll say it again, Tina has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” The butterflies fluttered and I instantly started to blush and smile. A few days passed by and classes started. I walk into chemistry class took a seat in the front. A few seconds later someone next to me pulls the chair out and sits. I turned my head and shockingly suprised it was Juan! We had no idea that we had chemistry class together. From that day on we quickly became best friends and not to long after that fell in love. Fast foward to today we have been together for 3 beautiful years, happy, grateful to have one another, and so in love.

how they asked

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My (now) Fiancé Jay and I absolutely love R&B singer Brian McKnight. Since both of our parents made us grow up listening to all kinds of music especially oldies. For valentine’s day this year Jay surprised me with concert tickets to see Brian McKnight in May, since he was coming close to town. I was so ecstatic since Brian Mcknight has not toured in a long time! I was also so happy because I was going to the concert with the man I love and grateful that we both would be able to appreciate this concert and enjoy it together. Towards the end of February I had absolutely no clue until I later got engaged that Jay contacted Brian McKnight through instagram, explaining to him how him and I really love Brian’s music and we’re going to be attending his concert in May and that he was deeply in love with his girlfriend and wanted to propose to her soon. Jay explained to Brian that he wanted to do something special for his girlfriend something totally unexpected, to catch her off guard. Jay had asked Brian if he could propose to me at his concert. One day later Brian McKnight responded to Jay’s message and said “absolutely brother, let’s do this. It’s going to be epic.” In total shock that Brain responded Jay was ecstatic that he actually responded. So fast forward to May 5,2015, Jay and I excitedly headed on the road to the concert venue. We got there, took our seats, and just waited for the concert to start. The concert started and in a couple of songs in Brian started to talk. He started talking about who in the room had social media and that its important to follow their favorite music artist because of this and he said “Juan im turning it over to you, do your thing.” The concert suddenly stopped and I immediately got so nervous and my whole body began to shake. Juan was handed a microphone and Brian’s security gave me three red roses. Juan then looked at me, took me hand, said the most beautiful words I have ever heard and asked me to marry him in front of 200+ anxiously excited people. Having the biggest smile on my face, feeling that like I was gonna explode of happiness, I tearfully said of course I would!!! He TOTALLY suprised me and gave the most amazingly beautiful proposal a girl could ask for, certainly surpassing my wildest dreams. As if that wasn’t enough Juan said turn around and I instantly saw my mother, father, brother and sister-in-law excitedly waiting for me to notice them, as they watched the whole proposal!! That just topped it off because he knows how special my family is to me. By far the best day and happiest moment of my life. All thanks to Brian McKnight, and to my daring, amazing fiancé.