Amazing Proposal Video: Tina and James

No words. This is one of the sweetest, most amazing proposal videos on earth!

The proposal took place on the 9th of September, the date marking one year of us dating. For this reason, I knew that Tina wouldn’t be overly suspicious if we went on a “special date” to celebrate the occasion. So, prior to the engagement itself, we visited 4 different locations that were each sites of significant moments in our relationship; this provided the memorable setting for our shared story that would nicely preface what was yet to come.

First, we drove out to Holland State Park, located on Lake Michigan, and walked along the pier. This had been where I asked Tina to be my girlfriend and from which point we jumped into the lake after she said yes. Next, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Grandville for dinner, the same restaurant where Tina and I were first introduced. Upon finishing our meal, we then attempted to visit the rail yard in Grand Rapids where I first told Tina that I liked her, but the road was blocked off due to construction. So, we headed to a school playground near Tina’s old house and sat on the swing set where our first kiss had taken place.

Throughout the course of the evening, I had been fielding calls and texts from friends and family members who were asking clarifying questions about the later parts of the night, as well as utilizing bathroom facilities whenever possible to relieve my overactive and anxious bladder. Though she picked up on a few of these oddities, she ultimately thought nothing of them to my great relief. After leaving the school playground, we made our way to the proposal site and my nervousness only increased during the commute, making for some awkward conversation in the car. We were headed to a barn in Rockford that we had been to only once before, and I had told Tina our reason for going was so that a mutual friend could film us walking through a field at sunset doing “couple-y things” that would serve as a promotional video for his video production company. I also claimed that the process would only take about 10 minutes, and soon enough we would travel back to Grand Rapids to catch the annual fireworks show over the Grand River.

Here’s the “promotional video” that tells the best story how the rest of the night unfolded after we arrived at the farm…





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Film by Bradley Productions
Engagement Photos by Emily-Waid Photography