Tina and Freddie

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How We Met

This love story begins all the way back at Martin Murphy Middle School for these two. They both were taking a ceramics class and as destiny would have it, they ended up sitting at the same table. This worked out perfectly since the two had already had a crush on each other at this time. They did end up getting together but this teenage love affair only lasted a short 3 months. After the school year ended Fred went on to High School while Tina had one more year of Jr High to go but once that finished Tina went to a different High School than Fred, and they ended up losing contact for 15 years!

how they asked

Freddie worked together with one of Tina’s closest friend Melanie who is a photographer to plan the perfect proposal. Tina and Freddie have a special beach they love to go to in Monterey, CA called Lover’s Point. They have gone on many dates to this beach and Freddie planned romantic picnics on their anniversary. Tina has been wanting to take a couple’s photoshoot for some time and Freddie pitched the idea of celebrating their four year anniversary at Lover’s Point and have Melanie take photos as his gift to Tina. Little did Tina know that Melanie and Freddie had already been planning it out for a couple of weeks. The date was set for May 13 2017. After taking a few pictures they took a break and enjoyed snack items that Freddie had prepared and talked about the next spot to take more pictures. Freddie specifically wanted to go over towards the rocky area that over looked the beach. As Melanie positioned them to pose for the photo, and Melanie told Tina “Ok look towards Freddie” and as Tina turned his way Freddie grabbed her hand and went on one knee and proposed!

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Special Thanks

Melanie Corrigan
 | Photographer