Timothy and Mia

How We Met

It was a fine evening in the Philippines. I got just done with my work and my now fiancé had a schedule working out at the gym. We never met personally, we just always talking and texting thru phone. (Thank you for the social media) When the time we decided to see each other for the very first time it was no plans at all. We just want to see each other in person. I was driving and on my way to pick her up at the corner of Jp Rizal Makati I saw a beautiful lady standing in the corner of the street wearing her workout clothes all sweaty but looks so gorgeous. Inside the car, for the very first time, i was with her that closed hearing her angel voice, starring at her beautiful brown eyes and saw the smile on her face makes my heart melt. We were talking about things and decided to watch a movie but we ended up dating and eating bulalo in tagaytay. I will never ever forget that day.

how they asked

We are exploring the beautiful place called Nami island. Many people call this Winter Sonata because of the famous Korean drama titled “Winter Sonata” filmed in this place. This place is so beautiful and Magical. It was so cold. Me and my fiancé just walking around and taking some pictures. When we reached the exact place where Winter Sonata was filmed. We decided to take some photos. We have our tripod and camera so its easy for us to take pictures and videos. I set the tripod and told my fiancé to set the video. I was standing in the middle talking to her to put the video on. When she was done, I told her that go to the position where I was because I will fix the camera. When I was running back to her I throw my phone on her side so she can pick it up. That was the plan to caught her attention and turn her back. The time she turnaround to give my phone back I was kneeling down on one knee asking her “will you marry me” she answer yes and she was crying. I was crying too. Tears of joy. I love my sweetheart very much. All of my life I love her so much.

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