Timothy and LaQuita

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How We Met

We met at a New Years Eve party in Los Angeles. We ended 2010 and brought in 2011 together. He approached me and asked if I wanted to dance and I said yes. We ended up dancing the entire night together. The chemistry was immediate. This silver dress is the dress I wore when we met.

how they asked

We went back to where we had our first date and sat at the same booth we did all those years ago. We were out celebrating our anniversary. After great conversation and a lovely dinner, he suddenly starts to do a magic trick. I love magic, and he knows this, so I’m enjoying myself watching him making things appear and disappear. He suddenly grabs a tissue and shows me that it’s empty. The tissue disappears and when it appears again, there’s a beautiful shining diamond ring inside. I light up! I ask him if this is what I think it is, and he says yes! Without thinking twice, I grab the ring and start to put it on my finger. I’m just so excited! I come to my senses, and realize what I’m doing and hand him back the ring. He then propses, and I say yes. We’ll be celebrating our next anniversary, getting married!