Jessica and Timothy

Image 1 of Jessica and Timothy

Timothy and I had been talking about getting engaged for a while now, but with a small student loan still lingering, we both knew that it was not in the cards for us right now. Little did I know, Timothy had something completely different planned! About a month prior we had won the opportunity to a top 10 finalist for a radio contest with the final prize being an engagement ring! Unfortunately we did not walk away winners, and I was completely devastated. Although devastated, I knew that our time would come eventually and I just had to be patient. Fast forward a month to a week before Christmas when I get a text message from my photographer sister asking if she can take photos of Timothy and I for her upcoming website she’s been working on. Knowing that I’ll never say no to a good set of photos of my man and I, I willingly agreed to take the photos at a nearby tropical greenhouse on Christmas eve. Never in a million years did I think It would turn out the way it did!

Christmas Eve morning I got myself together for what I thought were just your typical couple shots. Makeup and hair all ready to go, we got in the car with my sister and her husband and headed off to the greenhouse. After arriving at the location, we made our way into the greenhouse and began taking photos in-front of all the lush tropical trees and flowers. Timothy had me wrapped in his arm, giving me all of this wonderful kisses when all of a sudden I felt him drop to his knee. I was in complete shock! I couldn’t believe my eyes, there in-front of me was the dream ring I had always wanted. Needless to say the proposal was a success and the best part of all…. my sister got the whole thing on camera for us to remember forever.

Image 2 of Jessica and Timothy

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