Timo & Kristie's Helicopter Ride Proposal

Timo and Kristie Helicopter ride (1)How We Met: Timo and I met through friends at a local bar, and straight from there it was no questions asked – we knew we wanted to be together. Timo worked away 5 weeks at a time, but we still managed to move in together after only knowing each other for two weeks! It has been just perfect from the day we met, we both have so much in common and we can never seem to get tired of one another’s company – I miss him after he has been at work for a day! It is a very whirlwind romance, and now we are working on the wedding plans! I am so lucky to have met the love of my life!

how they asked: As Timo works away a lot, he had wanted to organise a nice vacation down south for the two of us for some relaxation time (we have a 4 yo daughter). So I asked my parents to babysit for two nights so we could get away. Meanwhile all along, Timo had already organised these exact same dates with my parents but made me feel like I had arranged it myself so I had no idea he was up to anything. So the time had come for the trip, we dropped our daughter off then headed down south. Stopped at some wineries on the way, then Timo pulled into a helicopter joy flight car park just to inquire how much it is. A few wines under our belt, I didn’t think twice at his spontaneity. Then the pilot stepped out of the office, and said ‘alright, shall we go for a ride?’ It was then I realised Timo had organised a wonderful surprise helicopter ride for me! Still no idea what it may have lead to.
Flying over the sites of the southwest coast, watching the beautiful scenery and wildlife on the ground, I then spotted a huge white sign on the grassy paddock saying ‘ Kristie- Will You Marry Me?’. I burst into tears as soon as I saw it! Timo pulled out a sparkly diamond ring and asked me himself. Of course I said yes!

His friends (after placing the sign) met us at the landing place, and drove us to our beautiful accommodation in the bush not far away at all. Walked inside to the fire going, music playing and a chilled bottle of champagne in the fridge. I was then informed by Timo of another wonderful surprise- we had an extra night away than I had thought! How much more magic could happen in one day!

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have met my soul mate, the kindest, most caring and loving man anyone could dream of! And now we are getting married!

Timo and Kristie Helicopter ride (2)

Timo and Kristie Helicopter ride (1)

Huge thank you to – Timo (My fiancé), Brett at Wild Blue Helicopters, the staff at Signarama Mandurah for the sign, and the lovely staff at Forest Rise Eco Retreat for organising a block of farmland to be helicopter ready! (they had to move cows to a different paddock for us!)