Times Square Bollywood Flash Mob Proposal

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How We Met: I was introduced to my fiance through my cousin, Noorali, who had met her at an anniversary party in Texas. After meeting her, Noorali immediately called me in New York and told me that he found “the girl I have been looking for”. She was from Florida, visiting Texas, and I was living in New York, and because of this distance I was hesitant to talk to her. After some convincing from my cousin, I decided to give it a shot, and so I texted her. This text then turned into a conversation which led to a phone call that lasted more than five hours. I learned that she used to live 15 minutes away from me in New York for almost two and a half years! After she obtained her Masters in Physican Assistant Studies, she had moved back down to Florida; hearing this made me feel that I had missed my chance. Luckily for me, she had received a phone call regarding a job offer from a hospital in New York, and she had to come back for an interview.

Our first date was a blast, we ended up spending more than 12 hours together; I was really amazed at how comfortable I was with someone I had recently met. She accepted the job in New York, and we spent a lot more time together over the next few months; we became very close which ultimately led us to dating. The more I learned about her, the more I knew she was the one for me. Before I met her, I never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason…

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The Proposal: My fiance (she said yes!), is the type of person who would prefer to have a quiet, intimate, proposal whereas I am the opposite. I wanted to propose with friends and family gathered around as we shared our special moment; the NY Post eventually described it as a “want the world to know” kind of way. Being that we are both from Indian/Pakistani descent and grew up watching Bollywood movies, and knowing how much Shumaila loves the whole Indian song and dance concept, I decided to go with Bollywood themed flash mob. I contacted www.GoSeeDo.org and they set me up with a great choreographer to help me turn my idea into reality. In addition to the dancers provided by the choreographer, I decided to ask my friends and family to join and be part of the flash mob. As the flash mob came together, the only thing left to decide was location. Times Square was the first place that came to mind as I felt that it would help add to the extravagance of it all, with the lights, sounds, and crowds of its own.

On March 16th, 2013 I took her out for a romantic dinner at One If By Land Two If By Sea. During dinner I had told her that I really wanted to take a walk through Times Square, as it was a beautiful night. As we walked towards the pre-set location my heart started racing as I knew I was getting closer to what I have always wanted, her…

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Flash Mob arranged by BookAFlashMob.com
Choreographer: Derek Mitchell