Sharon and Daniel's Timeless Marriage Proposal in DC

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How We Met, Sharon’s side: We met in the fall of 2010 while we were both working at the Department of Justice. I was a paralegal and had been working there for around six months, and Daniel was just starting as a brand new attorney. He very smoothly introduced himself to me by asking if I could share my map of the office with him –even though he already knew his way around from having interned there one summer before. We immediately clicked and became great friends. We found out we had everything in common from our love of both Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift to being religiously passionate football fans. Three short years later we started dating, and it was something special right from the start. Everything we do is an adventure, and it’s always better together.

how they asked, Daniel’s side: Although I knew for a long time that I wanted to marry Sharon, I spent a fair amount of time debating exactly how and where to propose. Ultimately I decided that the simplest choice was the best choice: we met in Washington, DC; first started dating in Washington, DC; and we continue to live our lives together in Washington, DC. I decided that proposing here in DC would be the perfect way to make the city “ours” and cement our lives together.

Once I settled on DC, I quickly knew that the perfect location would be the Lincoln Memorial — a timeless, beautiful memorial honoring Sharon’s favorite President. (Yes, we’re both pretty nerdy.) After a little bit of research and planning, I had everything setup: a photographer waiting in the wings of the Lincoln Memorial to capture our special moment; a limo with champagne and chocolates ready to meet us at the Memorial; and then a dinner reservation for later in the evening at a romantic restaurant in Georgetown.

To keep my plan a surprise, I told Sharon that we were going to a fancy (but early) dinner on a Saturday evening, and that we were going to make a surprise stop beforehand. I arranged for a nice car to pick us up from our apartment, and then revealed that we were headed to the Lincoln Memorial. Although the day (in late March) was quite cold and windy, everything went absolutely perfectly.

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After walking around the Lincoln Memorial, I pulled Sharon off to a quiet corner overlooking the National Mall. I told her that I brought her to the Lincoln Memorial because it was timeless, just like our love for each other, and that I wanted us to be together forever.

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At that point I pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked Sharon to marry me.

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Of course Sharon said yes — I think she was so excited she said yes before I even finished asking! — and everything after that was a total blur; we were both swept up in a whirlwind of happiness.

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Our photographer came over, congratulated us, and took some more amazing pictures. (Hiring a photographer was an excellent decision —Jennifer Gulley captured truly incredible photos, and it feels magical to have such wonderful pictures to commemorate our special moment.) Once we finished taking pictures, Sharon and I drove around DC in the limo, drinking champagne and making our first excited phone calls to family and friends. After that, I followed through and took Sharon to that romantic dinner I had promised — just a few hours later than she expected!

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Photography by Jennifer Gulley