Tim and Kerry

How We Met

Tim and I met….. well… basically at the earliest time you can. My mom taught Tim’s oldest sister in kindergarten, and both his mom and my mom were pregnant at the same time. Fast forward a few years, and I moved over to the public school in town, in the 4th grade.

By the 5th grade, we were dating and talking on AOL. LOL. Even though that is the most innocent way of dating, we continued our romance and by the 10th grade, we were officially dating. All of our friends grew up together, our families grew together, and finally, we are making our families complete.

how they asked

Tim and Kerry have known each other their whole lives. From their 5th-6th grade relationship, high school love story, and post-college relationship they have truly known each other forever. While on vacation with Tim’s family, everything was going as planned. Or so Kerry thought. She had no idea what was going on in Tim’s mind. Just another casual day by the pool with dinner planned for that night, Tim got a phone call that suddenly had him panicked. Suddenly plans had to change until the next night and no one really bothered to ask why. Relaxing by the pool, drinking, having a great time Wednesday night’s dinner was finally happening. The entire family, all 9 of them, packed into a car and headed to an unknown destination.

As Tim directed his dad driving, they ended up at a dock. Tim had booked a private sailboat for just the two of them. They said goodbye to the family and off they went. As they sailed off into a beautiful sunset, of course, Kerry wanted to take a perfect picture before the sun was fully set. As the captain came around to take our picture, he helped Tim set up the perfect moment. Tim got down on one knee and proposed faster than Kerry could realize what was happening. She said yes and the rest is history! Ps. The captain of the boat threw his back out on Tuesday, which pushed the proposal to Wednesday, leaving Tim one more night to get through with his secret plan.

Special Thanks

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Sailboat- captain