Tim and Jill | A Friends and Family Proposal

How we met:  I would always joke that Jill was my shot of the day. Jill worked for Starbucks in Renton for about a year and that is where I met her. I wouldn’t say we hit it off right away but we always were able to have quick conversations. It took me about 3-4 months to finally work up the courage to ask her out and even that was tough to do with all the people in line watching me and critiquing every word I said. That date was two years ago and now we are planning the next biggest event in our lives.


how they asked: This story is a little longer however I would say that everything came off without a hitch-sorta.  How I ended up asking Jill was not my first plan. My original plan was for Cabo San-Lucas but someone let it slip that was going to happen.

So I made a few changes and planned what I think was the perfect surprise for Jill. She has two requests- one, that someone takes pictures and two, that she has no idea what is going to happen. With the work and help of friends and family I planned what she thought was a girls’ night out. I had a limo pick her up and I delivered a note to her work saying, “have a girls night out and enjoy.”

Once the limo picked Jill up it made 5 stops to start picking up all of her girlfriends and lastly her sister who came in from college for this night. From there they met us at Poco Wine+Spirits in Seattle. I had the whole place packed with friends and family and with everyone there I proposed to our song.



Video by: Northwest Films