Jess and Tim

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How We Met

I had just graduated University and was unsure of which direction I was going to go in, so I decided to take a supervisor position working at Target. I worked there for about a year before they announced that Target would be closing all their retail locations in Canada. This was around the time I started to notice a cute boy working in the electronics department. Through the grape vine at work I found out Tim didn’t have a girlfriend and found myself making extra trips to the electronics department in hopes to get his attention.
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Well it didn’t take long before Tim started to notice a tall blonde girl appearing more frequently in the electronics department and figured something was up. I knew I had come up with a way to get him to hangout with me, so I arranged a group hangout with some of our mutual friends at work and hoped that he would tag along with everyone else.
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Well little did I know, Tim had come up with a plan of his own and somehow convinced the rest of the group to not show up to the “group hangout” so that we could hangout just the two of us! That night, Tim came over and we talked for hours, quickly realizing that we had waaaay too much in common – and really the rest is history! We’ve been together ever since!
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how they asked

Tim and I had been dating for about a year a half when we knew we were ready to get engaged. We had just gone through the final stages of winning a contest for an engagement ring and unfortunately we didn’t end up winning the ring. Tim saw how devastated I was and knew that he had to make this happen sooner rather than later.
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He came up with the plan to get my sister who is a local photographer to ask us to do a couples shoot for her as she needed more work for her website. Of course I willingly agreed, and quickly became excited to get new professional pictures of the two of us! On Christmas Eve, we made our way to a local greenhouse in the morning and began taking pictures around the tropical greenhouse around us. As the shoot was coming to a close, my sister put us in the position to be facing each other (while hugging) but told me to rest my head on Tim’s chest and close my eyes. As I did this, I quickly felt Tim drop to the ground and when I opened my eyes, there was the shiny beautiful ring in front of me, with poor Tim kneeling in a puddle asking me to marry him. I was completely shocked!! and of course I said YES!!! It will forever be one of my favourite moments and I have the pictures to remember it!
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Special Thanks

Nautical Studios
 | Engagement Photographer
Kayla Potter Photography
 | Proposal Photographer