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How We Met

When we first met I was really scared to get close to anyone for the fear of losing someone and the insecurity of being hurt again after the loss of my brother. Tim’s kind heart truly shined through and stuck out to me. His gentleness and his true gentleman was forthcoming and encouraged me to trust and open up. While we started as friends for awhile we grew close fast and shared intimate details of our lives quickly. We dove deep into conversations that were tough and might be uncomfortable for others, but for us brought us easiness because to us it was our safe space. Each day we learned more and more about each other, we developed stronger bonds and ties, we were there for each other through thick and thin and our love story began to transcend from a perfect friendship into an unbelievable fairytale love story. When I first moved to the north from the south I was terrified. I wanted nothing to do with a northern man and never imagined myself marrying a northern man let alone falling hopelessly in love with one.

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I lost my younger brother and his passing caused me a lot of pain. A good amount of people, including guys, ran fast not wanting to deal with grief. Tim showed me that a northern man could have a true southern gentleman’s soul. When we were just friends I had my brothers passing anniversary coming up and all of his friends were having a bonfire in his honor. I loved going but it was also vividly hard on me(my PTSD) and caused me a lot of pain and tears. Tim and I were just friends at this point and he offered to join me. When I was laying on the ground crying he rubbed my back and then gave me some space. Right in that moment, I realized who that man was. That man was someone who listened to me- listened to my needs and wants, how I coped best, what helped and didn’t. Tim showed me the true act of a southern gentleman and in that moment he had my heart. Ever since that moment I knew he was something special. He was someone I could trust. He was someone who I could console in and love more and more each day. And each day since I’ve been falling more and more in love with this Northern gentleman with a true Southern heart.

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how they asked

Ever since Tim and I first met he did everything in his power to help with my grief. Out of anyone he was one of the best people to understand grief. I had individuals who were extreme with my grief- either I had to be always happy (be moving on with my life) or depressed (because I missed my brother). A lot of people didn’t realize that I could miss my brother and have days where I was sad and crying but also have days where I’m genuinely happy. If I was genuinely happy I wasn’t forgetting my brother and when I was sad I wasn’t forgetting about my life. The first year we met Tim really took lead on helping me and truly understanding how grief worked. My brother passed and six days later it was his birthday all in the same month- so of course I was allowed to be sad. Tim allowed me to be sad and patiently got through that month with me. The next month he surprised me with tickets to see Josh Turner, my favorite singer whom I have never seen live. Tim bought tickets and planned a mini trip to a different state where the concert was held. We went hiking before the concert which made everything so much better. He told me that he allowed me to be sad during the month my brother passed and his birthday but that now it was time for me to celebrate my life. YES! He understood the best of both worlds! Now you have a background of the type of man Tim is. He always strives to help encourage me through my grief and truly listens to me and what helps me the most. Tim understands how important my hometown of Tennessee is and how vital of a place it is in my heart. He surprised me with a road trip down there for Christmas!

I was beyond surprised and thoroughly stoked to see my best friend !!! When we got down there we got to hike, visit old places I loved, introduced Tim to people I love and care about. The trip was even more magical than I could have imagined. My best friend since kindergarten, whom we saw often while visiting, asked Tim and I if we would see some of the famous Christmas lights in town. Of course Tim and I were on board. To fill you in on Tim. Tim doesn’t like cliché photos or anything that’s overdone whereas I on the other hand am very into photos anywhere, anytime and with anything. My best friend Ashley, her boyfriend, Tim and I were walking and passed mistletoe and knowing me I asked him if we could take a picture in front of it. I asked jokingly knowing that’s not his style of posed pictures. Tim threw me off and said “Sure, we can do it when we loop back around!” I was beyond shocked. He normally is never that easy to convince to take cliché photographs. When we looped back around he told me “let’s take that picture now!” We handed our phones to Ashley and her boyfriend. We have a tradition dip photo that we always do wherever we can and this was a perfect spot for it. I was so caught up in the moment, just pure bliss.

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I was surrounded by the people I loved most, in a beautiful setting being reminded how truly remarkable life is. Before I even knew what was happening Tim got down on one knee… and his proposal started!!! He told me that he knew how hard the holidays were for me and how he wanted to give me something good to remember during the holidays. When we had the first holidays together he texted me he wanted to bring the holiday spirit back into my life and now when he proposed to me he reminded me how he wanted to give me a good memory during the holidays to help.

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To say I was touched wouldn’t even cover it. I was crying beyond belief and in total awe. I have the most incredible man who 1. Pulled off a proposal from states away. 2. Pulled off a proposal in a state he had never been to 3. Pulled off a proposal involving my best friend whom he had never met and finally 4. Pulled off a meaningful proposal that involved my brother. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal story!

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