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How We Met

After a summer of being single for the first time since high school, I had sworn off dating indefinitely. Present day dating is a NIGHTMARE (can I get an amen?!) and I had officially given up, so I got a dog *cue Fetty*, moved into a new apartment, and stationed myself on the couch with a bottle of wine and a Netflix marathon or five for what I imagined would be the rest of my life.
During the moving process, I asked my friend’s boyfriend to watch Fetty for a few days. Around that same period of time, Tim’s dog April passed away. She was the second dog he lost that year, and she was his heart and soul. I actually very vividly remember being with my friend and her boyfriend, the day I was dropping Fetty off, when he received a call from Tim to tell him that she had passed. I didn’t know him, or anything about him at the time, but I remember hearing about how much he loved his dogs. Tim ended up staying the night at my friend’s boyfriend’s house because he couldn’t stand to be in his own house, surrounded by all of the memories. A few days later, I was told about how Fetty was sort of uninterested in anyone but Tim, and that he ended up jumping up on the couch with him when he went to sleep, and didn’t move from that spot the entire night. Intuitive little dog, he is.

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A few months later, I went over to my friend’s house with Fetty in tow and Tim just so happened to be there. This was our first time ever meeting – our friends had told us about each other, but we were both uninterested as he was dating someone, so we sat on opposite sides of the room while he played with Fetty – and every once in a while the group conversation would lead us to connect over something, such as our mutual love of Nashville and obsession with dogs.

Several more months had passed when I heard that Tim was suddenly single. Not long after I heard the news, I received a message from him on Facebook simply stating “Fetty” to which I responded “Yes”. After a few messages back and forth, he asked me if I would be interested in going with him to help rescue a dog one day soon (and honestly – that was probably the only way he could have gotten my number at that point, but he got my number nonetheless).

Everything else after that was a complete and total whirlwind and we never ended our conversation from that point on. We made plans to see each other the very next day with our friends and had our first official date a week later, at which point we both knew we were in love – seriously, it was CRAZY. Tim looked at me and said “I want to tell you something so badly but it’s seriously insane and I don’t know if I should even say it yet…” I quickly told him not to worry, that I already knew and he didn’t have to say anything. It was undeniable. Tim told me he wanted to marry me less than a week after that. Only a few months after that, I moved in with him. And now, a year and a half later, we live together with our two dogs, Tom and Fetty. We wake up and go on photo adventures every day, spontaneously happy dance together in the kitchen, we argue, but we laugh more, we learn together and we dream together…

Oh, and we are getting MARRIED!

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how they asked

Tim and I are wedding photographers, and had been talking about rebranding our business for several months. We knew during the process we would need to invest in good headshots of us that match our style of film photography and are cohesive with the rest of our content. Almost instantly, we knew we wanted to hire my long time friend, Jen Jar, who moved out to Southern California a few years ago from Virginia, where she and I originally met through a group of local photographers. We had already been planning a trip to Los Angeles to visit friends, so it worked out seamlessly for us to plan for a day of that trip to be dedicated to meeting up with Jen and catching up while she took photos of us in the most beautiful place ever – but, what I didn’t know was that Tim had another set of plans up his sleeve that were unfolding seamlessly as well.

Tim didn’t sleep a wink the night before our session with Jen. I didn’t find this to be too unusual because he struggles with insomnia on and off, so I just figured it could be a mixture of that and the time change. It should also be noted that I had suspected Tim was going to propose a handful of times over the year and a half prior, since getting married was often a point of conversation for us from the beginning. So, by this point, I had zero expectations that it would happen in California having been wrong so many times.

I was absolutely speechless when we arrived to our location. It was perfect. Jen brought her boyfriend, Alan, with her to assist and he began to take a video of Jen (and of us), and I didn’t really think anything of it – just assumed he was making video content for Jen’s website or something. Tim knelt down on one knee… and asked me whether he should cuff his pants inward our outward. Jen and I fixed his pants and we moved on. When we started the photos, Jen began to direct us to hold hands and walk away from her. As we walked through the grass, these big thorn branches started to get stuck in the bottom of my dress. Laughing, we made it to the point she directed us to and back, and Jen started helping me unravel the thorns from my dress. I heard Tim ask from behind me, “So, where do you guys wanna eat dinner?”. Suddenly, Jen backed up and put her camera up to her face. I was confused, and turned around to see Tim on one knee – again. I thought he was still trying to get his pants situated, so I just stared at him. And he stared back at me – for what felt like an hour. Until I realized, he wasn’t fixing his pants, and he was holding his hand out to me. And there was a box in his hand. And there was a ring in the box. And his pants are fine. Through tears, he managed to choke out the words “Will you marry me?”, which reminded me I needed to answer him. I said yes.

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