Tim and Angelic

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How We Met

On May 6 ,2008, I met my soulmate. Our mutual friends set us up on a date. At that time we were still kids in high school. With me (Tim) graduating and leaving to go to the military, I seized the opportunity to finally go on a date. We both ditched school that day to eat at IHOP, I was nervous and it showed. She thought it was cute so after 9 years of praying and distance I can’t imagine spending my life with anybody else but her.

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how they asked

Since the beginning of 2017, I have slowly planned out this day. I wanted something a little different but still in a private setting. After asking her parents blessings, I remembered her favorite place ever since she was a kid. Her aunts house in Lancaster, CA. I booked a plane banner proposal and asked all her family to wait in the backyard after I proposed in the front yard. I blindfolded and told her it was a late birthday present so as soon as she removed it I told her to look up and there it was in big bold letters Angelic WILL YOU MARRY ME. Then we went to the backyard to see all her friends and family. That day couldn’t have been more perfect.

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