Tilea and Daiquaun

how we met

Well, let us just start by saying we have two different dates of when we actually first met…Call it amnesia or call it fate, but we know it was God’s perfect timing.

Quaun and I first locked eyes on each other at collegiate bible study (). On February 13th 2018, we went to a collegiate social at BWW, where we chatted for a bit, nothing too special. It was all very friendly. However, the very next day (Valentines Day), he texted me “Happy Valentines Day” (at this point, I was wondering how he got my number). The day after that was…bible study again. Although this time, before I left choir practice after being in bible study I got a text asking if I’d like to grab a bite to eat. I didn’t know he was my prince at the time, but this is where the enchantment started! Per our conversation, he met me TWO YEARS prior lol.

how they asked

As Quaun would say “I shot my shot and made it this time” He asked me out March 20th 18’, He asked me to marry him March 30th 19.’


Special Thanks

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