Tifonie and Ryan

How We Met

We are both transplants to Austin. I moved here in 2014 from Virginia and he moved here in 2015 from Minnesota. After a year here I had finally established some “grownup” friendships and one of my girlfriends convinced me to join her at a pool party ran at the W sponsored by Bumble that was a charity event for the rainforest. So we both justified going because…it was for charity.

Ryan was there with group of friends and we didn’t speak the entire time at the pool party, but right before we left, he eventually made his way over to me and asked me if I was single and of course my quick response of “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t” he looked surprised, but proceeded to ask for my phone number anyways.

Tifonie and Ryan's Engagement in Mount Bonnell Austin TX

He had asked me out of a date a couple days later which he decided to take me to a very popular sushi restaurant which requires a reservation weeks in advance. Naturally I asked if he had one because our meet to first date turnaround was quick. He said no, but we would try anyways and of course we did not get in. We decided on another close by restaurant which was perfect because afterwords we crossed the street to the ice cream window for dessert! Ryan was sweet, but also a new guy in Austin so I figured it might not really go beyond a few dates. Well it did. You know that song “God blessed the broken road that lead me straight to you”? Well they certainly held true with us because our relationship was a bit of a bumpy road, with many break ups and make ups along the way. Enduring all the good, bad, and ugly was the foundation we needed to know our love could truly survive (yes I know I am so cliche) but going through these test over the last 4 years was what we needed.

How They Asked

We had recently just celebrated a few weddings and close friends and it seemed like everyone around us was getting engaged, married, or having kids. One of my close friends had just gotten engaged and bought a house so I felt like my time would never come. After a rollercoaster of a weekend due to a bit of arguing and stubborn attitudes we had made it to Monday April 1st as well all know April Fool’s Day.

Ryan and I email each other during out work day so he had asked me if I wanted to do something outside that evening and naturally my reply was “no its cold outside” after a bit more persistence and using the dogs as a reason we could go, I agreed. When I got home from work that day he was already home which was nothing out of the ordinary and he had asked if I wanted to go to dinner and I said of course because tacos and margaritas (and I wouldn’t have to cook or clean anything up aka a win!)

Proposal Ideas Mount Bonnell Austin TX

I began driving towards the restaurant before Ryan asked where I was going to my surprise I said…tacos!! He goes oh I thought we were going to Mount Bonnell first THEN tacos. So I was a bit disappointed by our miscommunication because I would have changed my shoes and brought the dogs, so with that being said I detoured.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mount Bonnell Austin TX

When we got there I asked Ryan to stay close because my flats were not ideal for the slippery nature made steps. Of course, being a gentleman he walked behind me up the stairs, but little did I know he was texting the photographer on the way up.

When we reached the top I was so excited to point out all the beautiful homes and show him the different vantage points. There was also a really cute puppy getting a mini photo shoot with his owners which of course took all my attention. We then walked over to an area with amazing views of the 360 bridge and lake and he sort of nudged me as I was pointing out my perfect house. He goes “you know I love you right? and I would do anything for you” but at this time I was hardly looking his direction until I heard his voice crack and as it did he was on his way down to one knee and then I was in a total daze. I suddenly heard the photographer snapping away and hid my face so she wouldn’t capture me ugly cry as a wave of emotions took over.

After snapping out of shock and disbelief and realizing this certainly was NO April Fool’s joke I said yes as he slipped the ring on my finger.

Special Thanks

Amanda Pomilla Hagood
 | Photographer