Tiffeny and Lenny

How We Met

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Lenny and I met in grade 5/6, where we attended the same class. We used to chase each other around and had the biggest crushes for one another. We were great friends and had fun together whenever we were together. My family had bought a new house and we had to change schools. Lenny and I lost touch for a few years and reconnected when we were 14. From the moment we started spending time together again I knew I was going to marry this boy one day. We fell in love hard, and fast. As we trudged through our high school,years we were faced with many challenges both personally and in within our relationship. Through the challenges we were able to grow together, making us even stronger than we had been. Over 8 years later and this man still gives me butterflies, and makes me smile from ear to ear. Lenny still does the “little things”, still opens the car door for me, and still loves me with every fibre of himself.

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On June 10th, 2015 we were celebrating our 8th year anniversary. I bought a new dress, did my hair and make-up, it felt like it was our first date. Lenny and I were going to Niagara Falls for dinner at the Keg, a restaurant overlooking the falls. It has become a tradition for the last couple of anniversary dinners. Lenny had specifically asked for an item on the menu that he absolutely loves, along with steak (his favourite), and I had the same. We had some great wine from a local winery and some dessert that a friend from high school had sent over, as she worked as a waitress at the restaurant and knew it was our anniversary.

Once we were finished dinner we got back into the 1952 Chevy that Lenny had cleaned immaculately for the occasion, and drove down to the Oaks Garden Theatre, across from the Niagara Falls. This has been a place we visit any time we have the chance when in the area. The lush gardens and romantic nature settings are the perfect place to walk off dinner. We walked along the stone path towards the pergola that I’d said since we were 16 would make a perfect wedding isle, reminiscing about the memories we shared in the 8, amazing years we have been together. Once we reached the pergola Lenny started saying the absolute sweetest things that every woman loves to hear. He came up behind me and told me to look at the falls and picture our life in 5 years. He was narrating what it would look like when he said “Well, what do you think?”, and when I had turned around, he was on one knee, asking me to marry him with the most beautiful ring I could have imagined. With alligator tears and lots of head nodding, I said yes to becoming the wife of this amazing man that has been my best friend, my rock and soul mate for the last 8 years and counting.

Lenny and I had our engagement photos in the Oaks Garden Theatre where he proposed. We are to be married on our 10th year anniversary (June 10th, 2017), and we couldn’t be more excited to continue our lives together, and for the amazing things that life has to offer us.

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