Tiffany and Eric

How We Met

On April 18, 2017, I went to a Yelp Elite Event at an up and coming restaurant called Noble & Co. The event was from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and when it ended I was hanging out in the corner on my phone just chillin’ looking for something else to do that night. This beautiful, tall, sexy red-headed thang strutted her hips on over to me and casually told me to come, hang out with the rest of the people. So I did. We all talked, chilled, got dessert and enjoyed amazing conversation. I liked her, so I was determined to get her alone so that I could chat with her one-on-one. I was able to walk her to her car after we both walked someone else to their car then we chatted a little more… I asked her if I could see her again outside of Yelp events. She smiled and said she’d like that. She gave me her number. The rest is basically history.

How They Asked

Because we met at a Yelp Elite Event I was determined to propose at an event similar to the one that brought us together. In August sometime I spoke to the Yelp coordinator in my area and told her what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted to do something in December and the next month she contacted me with a few ideas. She told me the available dates were 12/5, 12/6 and 12/18. Baby likes odd numbers so I chose 12/5 since they were all weekday dates anyway. So then I began spreading the word to her family and friends. It was important to me that they be able to witness it all. The event wound up being a gathering of about 60+ people to check out Sea Tea Improv’s awesome talent and then have the 1st Annual Yelpies! The Yelpies are an award ceremony where 10 were given out to celebrate the achievements of Yelp Elite members throughout the year.

Proposal Ideas Sea Sea Improv Theater in Hartford, CT.

Where to Propose in Sea Sea Improv Theater in Hartford, CT.

There were categories such as “Friendliest Yelper”, “Funniest”, Best Overall, Rookie of the Year, a few others and lastly… Couple of the Year! Naturally, that would be us and it was! So I practiced my speech and the proposal went off without a hitch, even with a little banter from the girl we both walked to her car the night we met! Lol. Afterward, I had everyone come to hang out at the restaurant where we had our first date… Salute! it just happened to be in walking distance. It was an INCREDIBLE night. Then after that, I whisked her away to the Mohegan Sun Hotel where I had more surprises waiting for her…

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