Tiffany and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I crossed paths for the first time when we were 14 years old in our freshmen English class. The first time I remember seeing him is when he decided to play his guitar for the class for our class project. At the time, I thought he was a bit of an overachiever. Our lockers were right next to each other and we never talked…even though he claims he thought I was cute but just assumed he never had a chance with me. Sophomore year came and we had Spanish class together. All of a sudden, during class, I get a text from a random number and my friend leans over and tells me Tyler asked her for my number. Ever since that first text he sent me during class, we have never stopped since. We continued talking that day and I remember thinking that I felt that I had known this boy my whole life. We got along so well and had so much in common. There was no small talk or awkward conversation. We became best friends so quickly and I remember being nervous because I had never fallen for someone so fast. On the bus to a field trip one day I remember him jokingly saying “I could get you to fall in love with me in three days.” I tried to keep my cool and play hard to get but I remember thinking to myself “I already am.” We started dating our sophomore year in high school and have continued to date even through long distance in college.

Tiffany's Proposal in His backyard

how they asked

Before I start this story, it’s important to note that we have been doing long distance for the past three years. However, this past spring semester we decided to study abroad together in Australia and we just recently got back. July 21, 2018 started with my sister waking me up at 7 AMtelling me that I had to wake up because there was a video I HAD to watch. It was Tyler. He and a few of my friends from high school were making fun of the ways he had asked me to prom and homecoming in the past (which consisted of him dancing to single ladies by Queen B). In the video, he facetimed our friends from Australia and asked them how they thought he should propose to me. He insisted that this time when he asked me an important question, it would be much different and less cheesy. The whole day then consisted of the most important people taking me to my favorite places.

At each stop, whoever I was with would read a letter at the end that expressed how much they loved me and how excited they were for Tyler and me. It started with my favorite breakfast (Norwegian pancakes and coffee) at my Grandmothers house, a coffee date at one of my favorite coffee shops with one of best friends, then getting my nails done with my close high school best friend, eating lunch at my favorite lunch spot (Panera) with my college friends, having a Wendys frosty (my favorite snack) on the steps of my high school with my high school friends, celebrating and spending time with his whole family at his aunt’s house, and then getting ready for the last stop and sipping on a bottle of wine at my best friend’s house.

Where to Propose in His backyard

There was also a video of everyone who was out of state who couldn’t make it reading their letters to me. I was driven to my final destination, Tyler’s house. He came out to the car and opened the door for me. He walked me to his backyard and I was overcome with emotion. He transformed his gazebo into one of the most romantic, breathtaking places I had ever seen. Every part of it was covered with memories, details, and moments that were specific to us and our relationship. The Kangaroo Beanie baby, boomerang, and surfboard all represented our recent excursion to Australia, he had put up old gifts that I had given him for Christmas and birthdays, and pictures of us from prom and homecoming.

The table was set to look like an Italian restaurant because my favorite food is spaghetti and it is our dream to one day go to Italy (and I love the film the Lady and the Tramp). He also had the plaque of a Norwegian prayer that our families say because both of our heritage is Norwegian. Under my wine glass was the ticket to the movie where we had our first kiss. After we finished the spaghetti, he told me that he was so busy making the day perfect he didn’t have time to practice what to say so he was just going to say it from the heart.

He held my hands and we both began to cry. As I wiped the tears from his eyes I remember him saying, “I would do this everyday for you if I could because I never want you to forget how loved you are.” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and without any hesitation or reservation I said yes. Afterward, there was a surprise party for us and we got to celebrate with all our loved ones. My love language is words of affirmation and that is why the theme was letters. There is also nothing in life that brings me greater joy than spending quality time with people I love. I couldn’t have even come up with this perfect and personal proposal even if I tried and that’s when I realized that this man truly knows me better than I know myself. There was nothing flashy or bold about his proposal to me. Most of it was pretty private and secluded. It was a day filled with simple moments where I just got to be present with those I hold dearest to my heart. Expressing your love isn’t always about bold and fancy. Sometimes love is found in the quiet simple moments with those who you hold dearest to your heart.

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