Tiffany and Todd

How We Met

We both attended UT Arlington for college, but didn’t know each other, only had a couple mutual friends in Greek life. One year after graduating and starting out in the real world, the evening of December 14, 2012, we went to a mutual friend’s holiday party. As I walked up to the party, our friend brought Todd down with him to greet me.

We were quickly paired together for a few activities during the festivities, starting some small talk. While everyone was enjoying beer, I wasn’t drinking anything since I dislike the taste of it. Todd noticed and offered to get a bottle of wine for me, which he just so happened to have a red wine from California out in his truck (so convenient!). He brought it inside to open but we quickly discovered our friend didn’t own a wine bottle opener (such a crime)… so our friend suggested he’d try opening it with a knife. Not a moment later part of the cork came off as he pushed it into the bottle too much, causing the cork to push the built-up pressure out along with nearly half the wine. Wine on the walls – wine on the floor – wine on me – wine on everyone close by.

I didn’t get my wine that night, but two days after the party Todd and I connected on Facebook and he asked me out for a lunch date. It was then that we realized for the past year we had been working down the street from each other at different companies. He gladly offered to come pick me up for lunch, and our love story started to unfold more. :)

Flash forward another year, I moved down to Houston, TX from Joshua, TX for a new job after Todd and I spent a little over a year in a long distance relationship after he had to move to Houston when we were just a month into our relationship. We’ve been living in Houston ever since and loving it!

Night Out In Downtown Fort Worth

how they asked

Since I was a little girl, an annual summer tradition of my family’s was to go to the beach either in North Carolina or Florida for 1-2 weeks to tour the town and spend time at the beach shelling. A coastal lifestyle was part of my life from the beginning, and I always hoped I’d meet a man who loved what the coast had to offer just like I appreciated and cared for it.

Todd learned how important this lifestyle was to me, and I quickly learned how important activities near the water like fishing, boating and camping were for him. My heart was sold on the idea that Todd was the one for me early on in our relationship. :)

Over almost 3 years of dating, we traveled to several coastal spots. Then on January 31, 2016, we visited Sea Rim State Park near the Louisiana/Texas boarder and enjoyed a beach picnic for lunch on the back of his truck’s tailgate.

After lunch, we spent a few hours shelling. However, I had no idea that during this time Todd was planning the spot where he would propose and film the entire thing. He placed the ring in a calico scallop shell in the sand and marked the spot for when he would lure me in to come find it.

Not knowing the scallop shell I eventually stumbled upon in the sand had the ring inside of it, I was thinking to myself – “how on Earth did a calico scallop shell get all the way to Texas?” As I was slowly picking it up to also see why a white ribbon piece would be attached to the shell, Todd gently took it from my hand before I could even look closer at it …here I am thinking to myself, “um I can open and look at it myself..”. Then Todd got down on one knee and at first I was still oblivious as to what was about to happen, then he started to open the shell, I saw the ring, he started to say things to me (which honestly I really don’t remember any of the it because I was shocked), and then he asked “Will you marry me?” and I knew what to say to that. :) YES!

Todd's Proposal on January 31, 2016

Todd and Tiffany at Sea Rim State Park in Texas

Tiffany Said YES!

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