Tiffany and Steven

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How We Met

Steven and I met in 2011 when we both worked together. He was Someone I never thought would be the “one” we dated for a bit and ultimately broke up. I ended up finding out I was pregnant and my child’s father walked out and I found my way back to Steven. He was there through my entire pregnancy he saved mine and my son’s life the day he was born and he was the first to see him alive. Fast forward a few years we ended up splitting ways one more time until we made our way back to each other. We starting dating for the final time in March and in July of 2017, we were engaged.

How They Asked

We went for a family photo session on the mountains with my two boys and finally in front of the waterfall at a rotary park in Casper Wyoming he finally asked me after 7 years of a crazy rollercoaster of dating.

Tiffany and Steven's Engagement in Casper wy