He Used 22 Umbrellas and All Their Friends to Propose to his Girlfriend

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.46.45 PMHow We Met: Steve and I met in 2010. My best friend/college roommate Emily introduced us. Our college was a short ride into the NYC and she had been begging me to go out. It was my first time venturing into the city and she told me she had a friend who knew all of the BEST places to go. My friend wasn’t trying to set us up at all but we became friends instantly. After a year of being friends we started to date. It was pretty random but who knew he would be the one!

how they asked: Steve is in hospitality and had been telling me about these brand new penthouse suites at the Quin Hotel. He explained that he had been asked to put together a photoshoot for the new space with his friend, Morgan. I also have a blog called Sort of Candid, which is about pairing style and craft beer. He pitched that I had to show for the sake of “perfect photo opportunities.” I called to confirm the meet up and before I hung up the phone Steve blurts out “Oh and paint your nails since you’ll be holding beer.” I hung up and thought, “Wait What”?.. I called my mom immediately asking if these were red flags for a proposal. She instantly nixed the whole idea and told me I was rushing into things and I needed to calm down (She was in on it, obviously). I walked into the Penthouse and it was beautiful. Huge open windows flooded the room with light. Morgan had seemed to be wrapping things up and said he would go downstairs to The Wayfarer to grab a drink. Steve began snapping photos of me on the terrace and told me to begin walking towards the railing to get a picture of the cityscape. He screamed “What’s that down there!?” (slick).  I looked down and saw all of these open umbrellas. Each umbrella had a different letter on it spelling “Tiffany Will You Marry Me?”.

umbrellasScreen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.45.16 PM


As I looked closer I realized that the people holding the umbrellas were my family and friends. I dropped my glass of beer and turned around to find my amazing boyfriend asking me to marry him. “YES!” We hugged and with tears taking over my whole face I look up to see Morgan capturing the whole thing on camera. We celebrated and went downstairs to an already planned out engagement party.



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Photos by Morgan Miller Photo