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How We Met

Scott and I met in high school when I was a freshman and he was a junior. He has a funny story about how he scouted me out on the Volleyball courts and said “who is that freshman?!” – but we can save that for another day. We were friends for the first few months before he started pursuing me. At first, I thought, “there is no way our school’s best athlete who happened to be an upper-classman would ever want to actually date me!” Well, I sure was wrong. I proceeded with much hesitation that he would break my heart but I couldn’t resist, I fell for him so quick! We started dating Spring 2007 and dated throughout the rest of our high school careers. We went to prom, had late night sneak outs, went on cute fast-food dates, and got to experience the sweet puppy love that I will forever cherish.

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Scott graduated high school while I still had two years left. He went to wrestle for Virginia Tech and then transferred to the University of Oklahoma. I stayed in California and went to Chapman University. We ended up having a long distance relationship for 5 years and boy, was it a rollercoaster. We broke up twice and at one point, I truly thought we’d never get back together. Scott eventually moved back to California and after 6 months, we started hanging out and hit it off again as if nothing had ever changed.

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Our relationship has gone through its peaks and valleys but the one thing that remains the same is our love and respect for one another and our desire to put Jesus first always. I truly fall more and more in love with him every day! I believe that we are a true testament that if things are meant to be – they will fall into place. I am still stunned that my high school sweetheart will soon be my husband!

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how they asked

Scott’s dad recently got his home beautifully remodeled to make his kitchen/family room larger, created an outdoor living space in his backyard, and added incredible California sliding doors. It was two weeks before Christmas so Scott told me his dad was throwing a Christmas Party/”Housewarming Party” to celebrate his home upgrades. He mentioned that there were going to be a lot of people there so naturally, I knew I had to dress up! There was nothing unusual about the day other than thinking back – my best friend and cousins did everything they could to get me to the nail salon that morning. But again, I had no idea.

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Scott picked me up and as we arrived, we went through the backyard as that’s where he mentioned his dad needed help. I walked in and as he took me through the back, there were rose petals all over the floor, balloons everywhere, a ton of stringing lights, and there hung a bunch pictures of us from the past ten years. I started tearing up and as I looked through those California sliding doors, there stood almost every single one of our family members and all my best friends (I have about 35 first cousins!)

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My heart burst into a million pieces – I couldn’t believe what was happening. Scott took me to our pictures and he started reminiscing on all of our memories over the years and how he could not picture his life without me. I truly wish I could remember everything he said because when brides say they blacked out – I really blacked out! He went on to say how excited he was to start this new chapter in our life, for me to the mother of our kids one day, and for us to finally start a home together. Just when I thought I could have fainted, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. I got weak in the knees but said yes a million times. As he put on the ring, his dad slid the doors open and there flood over 60 people waiting to celebrate us! My mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, family friends, it was the absolute best.

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I am so thankful for how thought out Scott’s proposal was. I could have equally been happy had it just been us two in a private area but our relationship signifies not just us, but the people who have poured their love into us over the past 10 years. He wanted this to be a celebration but also a thank you to everyone that has supported us! He also got Mexican food catered (my favorite!) and hired a bartender as well so that we could party all night long. We danced all night long and it was an unforgettable night with friends and family.


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Needless to say, it was the best night of my life. I wish I could describe the feelings I had that night and even now, but it would be nearly impossible. Our proposal was of my wildest dreams and Scott went to the extent of far exceeding them.

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One memory I will also be forever thankful for is my aunt who just recently passed away from Stage 4 lung cancer was able to be there. She was going through intense chemotherapy treatment at the time but still made the effort to get dressed up and be there for us. I am the oldest cousin of 15 on my dad’s side and she had been waiting for me to get married for years. Although she is not here physically, we will celebrate her and remember her at our wedding.

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