Tiffany and Russell

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How We Met

Funny story, how we met… I was dating someone else, long-distance-relationship-gone-serious. I moved in with the guy and his family, and we just got a car together, it was like 5 years that we were was serious…we got into the car scene, and that car we just bought together, is how I met my now fiance. (Uh Oh) I know, you’re thinking, wow, this girl…let me explain a little more! We were both dating other people, but were really good friends, in fact, Russell became one of my best friends. We hung out all the time as a group of friends. We did these random road trips, we went to Vegas, we had BBQ’s, celebrated birthdays, and meet-ups constantly. So it was inevitable for us to grow close. When I actually met Russell, I thought he was a tool bag. Like I eyeballed him and everything (I know, I am embarrassed about it now, but I did it) he came out of this house, we were with another guy who introduced us to go to a car meet, and we were all going together….and he just had this “I’m too cool for this” attitude, and he made a comment about the car and I just was not impressed. However, we ended up hanging out with him again and grabbed lunch about two weeks later, and that’s when we actually had a chance to talk. We had a ton of stuff in common and he was one of the first people I clicked with since moving to So Cal. It was NICE, to have a friend finally. We were really good friends for 2 years.

My relationship ended, as did his a few months prior. I found out my ex was seeing a girl behind my back for over a year, and I had nowhere to go. I had a crush on Russell, as anyone who knew me could tell. (My brother later told me he could sense the attraction when he had visited once.) And he suggested that stay with him, rather than packing all of my belongings and moving to UT with my family. I had a job, and friends, and why move? So I did.

how they asked

Russell is not romantic. He doesn’t do flowers unless he thinks he’s in trouble. He doesn’t do chocolates for no reason, we went on many dates before, but he’s not a huge- let me show you in purchases how much I love you, kind of guy. He shows me in many-many other ways. I know he does. We have a one-year-old son, and we moved to Utah together after only 3 months of officially dating. So there’s no question about him loving me or whatever.

So for my birthday, he planned this romantic dinner. He made reservations and told me to wear a dress. So I did. I got all dolled up and came home from work to find him spiffed out. I felt like I was on CLOUD NINE. I had no idea where we were headed. He took me to this gorgeous restaurant in the mountains, and it was BEAUTIFUL. It had the twinkly lights, the waterfall in the background, there was a lounge with a fireplace to sit while you waited to be seated. GORGEOUS. We get seated, we ordered drinks and appetizers. We laughed, and talked, and if felt so good to be an adult, who was enjoying their significant other without distractions and being in a really nice restaurant. Fast forward to the end of dinner, we ordered some hot chocolates, since it was chilly outside, and we left. (what?) I know. Anticipation builds up. So we walk out, down toward the car, and normally this section across the street is closed off, it’s got the waterfall and the patio area, with a giant water wheel, but its closed off for weddings and events. Embracing the opportunity to see the waterfall up-close, we walked over, and it’s just gorgeous. I’m standing on the patio over the rushing water, and the waterfall right behind us, and he tells me there’s a deer! I’m like oh this is awesome how lucky am I? But then it slowly creeps in he’s trying to set me up to get down on one knee. So I play along, and “look” for a deer, and he’s down on one knee, in the snow with his grandma’s ring.

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Insert ugly crying, me saying “oh my god is this real life” and of course, me saying “YES”. I was just floored. He didn’t plan the last part, he wanted to ask me at dinner but somehow lost the nerve, said it didn’t feel right, and then when we went outside, he knew why and how he was going to ask. :D

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