Tiffany and Ronna

I had surgery December 29th 2015 and I was scared to death. My now fiancé stayed by my side every chance she could. I woke up crying for her and she kept trying to come in the back to see me but the hospital wouldn’t allow it. I had 2 days to recover for our big dinner and party with her family for the first time. We went to marrcarties restuarnt and had an amazing dinner even though I was in a lot of pain. We went back to her cousins and had a few drinks and watched the ball. As soon as the ball drops she kissed me and said “I love you.” Then shows me the ring and asks to marry me, I’m speechless but got the words yes out. She then goes im going to do this rite and got down on one knee. All the pain I was in instantly went away; like it always does when she around.

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