Tiffany and Ortiz

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How We Met: Evan and I met at a memorial day party May of 2010 at the time I was in a relationship. We stayed in contact as friends, during that time all of ours friends kept saying how we belonged together and would tell Evan every time my ex and I would have a fight so he could swoop in seeing if I was ok. When that relationship ended, I denied my feelings for Evan for months and he was always there patiently waiting for me to give him a chance. I finally gave in Dec. 17th 2011 and it has been the best decision I have ever made.

how they asked: It was my 26th birthday weekend and we went to Evan’s family’s lake house. After spending the day at a waterpark and going out for dinner we wanted a relaxing night. Evan asked me if I wanted to take a canoe ride out to a dock on the lake to look at stars. I didn’t think anything of it since we have done this in the past. When we get to the dock we are drinking wine and talking, there aren’t any stars because it was cloudy. After about 15 minutes our friends who were suppose come meet us shout to Evan that they are on there way. He notices a rope tied to the dock and starts pulling at it. I tell him to leave it alone because it’s probably someone’s fish trap. Well it wasn’t…I start helping him pull the rope and all of the sudden it’s a row boat lite with candles, a wireless speaker playing “our song”, All This Time by One Republic and a gopro camera attached to record the engagement. I start crying and say YES of course. After he shouts, our friends who were at the house waiting start to light fireworks…

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