Tiffany and Mike

How We Met

Tiffany and Mike first met as Engineering students at San Francisco State University. Sharing a similar style of sass and humor, the two started out as friends that led to an eventual pairing.

So, after 6 blissful years Tiffany and Mike will wed and start a new life together. They are so excited that you have been, (and continue to be) a big part of it! Thank you for taking the time to explore Tiffany and Mike’s story. Please enjoy the rest of the website!

P.S. For those of you who wonder about what came out of those nerdy degrees, Tiffany is Civil Engineer working in Construction/Quality Assurance and Mike is a Mechanical Engineer working in Energy Efficiency.

how they asked

A much needed vacation was due for both Tiffany and Mike. So, in December 2012, the two packed up their bags and embarked on a 9 day adventure to Peru. On December 16, the pair visited Peru’s Macchu Picchu and hiked up the treacherous Wayna Picchu peak.

The hike up Wayna Peak was about an hour long. When the two got to the top of Wayna Picchu, they rested for a few minutes, took a couple of pictures, but Tiffany was ready to head back down. (She’s not a huge fan of hiking and she was on the verge of becoming Hangry). As they descended down the mountain, they encountered a fork in the road, left to return back to Macchu Picchu and right for the ” Gran Caverna”. (Before the hike up to Wayna picchu, their tour guide had informed them that there’s not much to see at that route to the Gran Caverna and that their time was much better spent taking the shorter route back down and exploring Macchu Picchu itself.)

Tiffany started walking towards the left, and Mike went right. She reminded Mike that the tour guide said there’s nothing to see there and it would only extend the hike 2 more hours – and she was already tired, hungry and irritable (was that already mentioned?). But Mike persisted, and said that he just wanted to “check it out” because there might be something “interesting to see, such as a secret look out point.”

She back tracked and started following him, but trailing very far behind. Shortly after, she found Mike waiting for her at this promised lookout point with a ring and asking her if she would marry him. She said, “Yes.”

So, here’s to turning right at the fork and taking the long way down! – Or in their case, going right, finding the look out point, then turning back around to take the fastest way back down…C’mon they’re engineers!