Tiffany and Michael

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How We Met

Michael was my first major crush. We’ve known eachother our whole lives; our families were neighbors before we were born. We’ve been on countless camping trips and birthday parties. When I was about 12 years old, I decided I was in love with the middle Peret boy, Michael. Even as a young child I just loved his energy. I remember one family trip we took in middle school that wherever Mike was, there I was. I just wanted to be around him. It was completely one-sided though and mike had no idea. He was all about fun and games at that age, as most boys are. My childhood best friend wrote a princess fairytale story complete with foam letters and cursive script for my birthday, about Mike and I getting married. (And we found that fairytale in a box in Storage over a decade later, as we’re dating in our 20s.)

Mike and I never dated when we were younger. We grew up… Mike traveled and worked; I went off to college. My childhood crush faded (or so I thought). We only had the occasional happy birthday or graduation party. It wasn’t until Michael’s 25th birthday that we found ourselves in the same town at the perfect time. I drove to his party, during a crazy New England blizzard early January, with my roommate and bff Chelsey who also knew mike well through our family events. We all reconnected and kept hanging out week after week. But I didn’t think there were any intentions behind spending time together. Tables had certainly turned. I remember Chels saying “he has intentions.. do you see the way he looks at you?” My response “No way Chels we’ve just known eachother our whole lives.”

But clearly deep down I had the same old feelings for Michael. One thing led to another and after a couple months of spending more and more time together, we were dating. We came out as a couple to our families through a spontaneous last minute trip to Barbados in April. $200 roundtrip tickets we bought one week before our flight departed. And even then, my brother said “who are you going with? Mike Peret? Oh have fun.” After all, we had gone on many trips before. It wasn’t until I brought Mike home for Easter that it really clicked. My brother: “who are you bringing home? Mike or your new boyfriend?” And finally the clarity “Mike is my new boyfriend.”

After navigating some initial awkwardness and his dad receiving an interesting phone call from my dad, our families became very supportive. My dad jokes he’s known Mike longer than he’s known me, since Mike is a year older. And mike and I… We are the ying and yang match in almost every way. Michael is free spirited; I’m a Type A planner. And we align on our top value of honesty, the importance of family, and our love for adventure. We just immediately fit so comfortably. I’m continually genuinely attracted to who he is. Not even 6 months later we moved in together and after a year, I’m writing this. And even when it’s not all butterflies and rainbows, even on a boring Tuesday, we still laugh every single day like kids. I feel lucky to have so much joy and love in my life. Who says fairytales don’t come true…

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how they asked

I knew I wanted to marry Mike really early on (heck even my 12 year old self knew). By the end of December, almost one year after reconnecting, I was already dropping hints. Mike: “what do you want for Christmas?” Me: “a ring obviously.” But I didn’t think he’d propose for years. Then we went on a cruise and when we docked in the Bahamas it was raining so we decided to shop around. We found ourselves looking at rings. (We had talked about an engagement and we had just bought a house together). We found my dream ring at a great deal and to my surprise and complete shock, Mike got it and proposed right then and there! And I haven’t stopped smiling since. I can’t wait to marry Mike; he’s the definition of love of my life.