Tiffany and Matt

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How We Met

I Matt met on Friday, January 20th, 2017, at my sister and brother in law’s engagement party. It was totally unexpected at the bar area in the party hall toward the end of the night. I saw Matt standing right at the edge making a drink. I looked at him and said, “Hey, do you want to take a shot of tequila?” He laughed and we took one. We hardly introduced ourselves because I always knew who he was just because we are from the same town but I never officially had a conversation with him. We ended up having a drink or two with some family and then the party was over.

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It was mentioned a few people were getting together to go out to the bar after and I found out later that he texted my brother in law to find out more who I was. We sat at the bar and talked for a while. We never exchanged phone numbers just snap chat accounts. We talked on snap chat for just about 3 months and then went on an official date. We went to the post office cafe in Babylon and got a drink.

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He dropped me after the date was over and I finally said, do you want my phone number? We had a few more dates after that as time went on and the rest is history after that. Now years later, we made the perfect life for us. It is still a running joke in our families because Matt and his family are great friends with my brother-in-law’s family. Their families grew up together and traveled. We could have met other times but the way it happened I truly believe we were put in each other’s path for a reason, it was time!

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How They Asked

Matt and I had our annual planned Montauk catch the sunrise trip. We have done it since last summer. We woke up at 3:30 am, packed our beach bags in the car that were previously packed the night before, and hit the road! We talked about the whole car ride as we sipped our coffees about my best friend’s proposal that happened a few hours before! How excited I was for her and then of course I couldn’t help but say to Matt “I can’t wait for when it’s our time and that will be an awesome day, the day it happens.” We finally got to Montauk and parked by the lighthouse.

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At this time it was about 5:30 am, I said to Matt that we should be bringing our beach bags? He said no we will just walk around and catch the sunrise before it goes away and then come back. We walked down the trail that led us to the beach, I can still remember I took a video as we were walking labeling it “trip to Montauk” with a sun emoji! We got the sand right by the water, there was literally no one around it was so peaceful. I said to Matt “Want to go by the rocks where we went last time?” He said, “No let’s go over here instead”. I followed him and he was walking a few feet in front of me, I said to myself where is he going? We finally stopped talking along the water and we didn’t speak for about 2 minutes, I was taking pictures of how beautiful the sunset was and put my phone away. I leaned over to Matt and said “We should have bought the towel to sit.” Then Matt said “Tiffany I have a question for you” and he proceeded to pull the ring from his sweater pocket and kneeled down on one knee, “Will you marry me?” I was so excited, I was shaking, I had tears in my eyes, I said: “yes, yes, yes, oh my god, oh my god.” And then I said “This ring is so beautiful Matt, I can’t believe this.

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I love you so much.” I asked him “Can you say it again ?” I was so happy and I had tears in my eyes and my whole body was shaking. We took a few selfies just me and him. We did not have a planned photographer. It was exactly the way we both dreamed of it. It was one of the best days of my life. We then walked around and found a man with a fishing pole in his hand and said “Can you please take a photo of us.”

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We didn’t even tell this man we just got engaged, it was such a special moment for the two of us. Now we knew it was time to call our friends and family. We found a bench on the beach and talked to our families. Matt kept it a secret! I will never forget how special he made it. As the day went on, we laid by the beach and got breakfast and kept saying how we loved we are now each other’s fiancé! We celebrated at a local restaurant with friends and family. July 27th, 2019 was an amazing day!

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