Tiffany and Lukas

How We Met

We met first semester freshman year at Syracuse University (Go Orange!) in 2012. Lukas and I lived in the same dorm but on separate floors. We can’t agree on the official time (or day) we met but I believe it was at one of the dorm orientation events for freshman while he thinks it was at dinner with a group of friends.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Philadelphia, PA

I became good friends with Lukas’ roommate Johnny and we began hanging out with the same group of people from our dorm. During our second semester of freshman year, Lukas and I started to talk more and one night decided to video chat each other – even though we lived a few floors apart. We ended up talking for a few hours and shortly after began dating!

Proposal Ideas Philadelphia, PA

Lukas and I have been dating for over 5 years – which is longer than most of our friends (even the married ones!). After we graduated from college, we both moved to Philadelphia to start our careers. I knew it was only a matter of time before getting engaged and I was starting to get the “wedding bug”.

Tiffany and Lukas's Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

How They Asked

Lukas told me that Johnny was going to visit for the weekend from Boston for a “work conference” and wanted to take photos of us while he was here. It wasn’t unusual for Johnny to want to take photos. I jokingly made comments to Lukas about how he was going to propose but he just brushed it off saying he had no money – which I believed since he is currently back in school.

We headed to Terrain because Lukas knew I wanted to visit there and see the space (I also work at the parent company, URBN!) However, I began to question why we were going 30 minutes outside of Philly when Johnny drove over 5 hours to get to Philly. I almost told Lukas that we shouldn’t bother going because Johnny should experience the city – but decided to anyway since I agreed to let Lukas plan the day for his good friend.

Once we got to Terrain we began looking around the garden at areas to take the photos. We came across a pavilion as we walked in and Johnny said that would be perfect for the photoshoot. As Johnny began taking photos of us, Lukas got down on one knee and holds out the most beautiful wooden box (which he made!) with a gorgeous ring inside. I have no idea exactly what he said but it was something along the lines of “Tiffany we’ve been together for a while, will you marry me?”

Of course, I said YES! I had a lot of emotions (as seen on my face in the photos) and I couldn’t process what just happened. I was shocked because I did not think that Lukas was going to propose so soon!. After, Johnny began taking more photos of us around the venue. It was the perfect proposal for us because it was just the two us (and Johnny) and we were able to get great pictures out of it!

Special Thanks

Johnny Rosa
 | Photographer