Tiffany and Lou

Image 2 of Tiffany and Lou

How We Met

The very first day we met was at Justin’s house when Lou and his son Mateo were over there watching a football game. I was in a bad relationship at the time and had gone over there to complain about it to Brandy. When doing so, Lou asked me why I would put up with such things and made me feel like an idiot doing so but I was an excuse maker for others’ actions. A few months later I ended the relationship and was happy just doing me. In March of 2020 right before COVID hit Brandy, Justin, and I (along with some others) went to a paint-your-pet event and Justin had posted pictures. I guess Lou then inquired about me to see if I was single yet.

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I told Justin that “if COVID doesn’t get me first that Lou could take me on a date”. That night Lou messaged me on Facebook and added me as a friend. We talked for a bit and had weekly dates and got to know and care about each other pretty quickly. After a few months, I could tell he was “The One” and I think to myself how grateful I am to have made the decision to leave a bad relationship because I may have never found my soulmate otherwise.

How They Asked

We were on a road trip in July to Washington for a family wedding and decided to hit up a few national parks along the way. On our last day before heading back to Indiana we were at The Dunes of Yellowstone National Park doing some hiking and came across a beautiful waterfall. Lou had the three kids stand up to it to take a picture of them and then had his son Mateo act like he was going to take a picture of just Lou and me but I guess had secretly told him to do a video. As I’m standing there thinking we were just taking a picture next to the waterfall he gets on one knee and grabs my hand and asked me to marry him. I was shocked but didn’t hesitate to say “YES”! There was a small crowd that congratulated us as well. The best part was that he proposed with his grandmother’s ring and it fit perfectly!

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