Tiffany and Kyle

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How We Met

Our love story began 4 years ago when we first met. At the time we were both training at the same athletic training facility, I was playing college lacrosse and he was coaching football. From the moment we met I knew he was the one. A few months later we started dating and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Kyle and I are both first responders and during this time we decided we needed a little getaway. Kyle called me up at work one night and asked if I wanted to go to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. So we planned a vacation this past March, full of exciting activities from kayaking the canyons to seeing the Grand Canyon and even staying in a yurt. Little did I know Kyle had the ring with him the entire time.

Towards the end of the vacation we planned to go to Horseshoe Bend to see the picturesque scenery. We planned to watch the sunset, but like always I was running late. Kyle rushed me to hurry up so we jumped in the car and headed to Horseshoe Bend. Little did I know he was rushing me because he hired a professional photographer to capture the best moment in my life.

As we arrived we walked side by side taking in the scenery around us. After a couple minutes of walking Kyle led me to the top of one of the rocks to overlook Horseshoe Bend. As we were looking over the edge Kyle turned to me and started getting emotional and in that moment I knew why he brought me to Arizona. It was for our proposal. It was then that Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. As I looked down at the ring I started to tear up because it was everything I ever wanted. My mom has a marquise diamond and so does Kyle’s mom so together we both believe it encompasses the meaning of everlasting love.

I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t even realize Kyle hired a photographer to capture our proposal. As the sun was setting we took the most magical photoshoot that we will remember forever. It was a perfect ending to a perfect vacation.

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