Tiffany and Kyle

How We Met

Me and Kyle met on my 20th birthday at school. I was looking for the opposite of love, trying to work on loving myself. He had just gotten out of a relationship, and too, was looking for the opposite of serious. Little did we both know 2 weeks later we would be texting till the early hours of the night, and sneaking off after class to go to in-n-out so our classmates wouldn’t question us. October 11 at a carnival, he decided to make me his girlfriend, and almost 5 years and a month later he asked me to be his wife.

Tiffany and Kyle's Engagement in Newport back bay

How They Asked

Kyle and I enjoy hiking in our spare time at Newport back bay nature reserve. It’s a fun place to take our dog, it offers beautiful views, and it’s great exercise. Naturally, we spent almost every weekend there hiking and enjoying each other’s company. One morning when he suggested we walk back bay I didn’t think anything of it…little did I know he was planning on getting down on one knee that day and asking me to be his forever.

Tiffany's Proposal in Newport back bay

Proposal Ideas Newport back bay

*cue the ugly crying that followed, our family and friends have enjoyed zooming in on that ugly cry* The best part about this whole story is he had something completely different planned and had told my family and friends it would be a month before he did it. Less than a week later he woke up and decided that he wasn’t going to wait a month and couldn’t wait anymore! It was so amazing to surprise my family with an early engagement too.