Tiffany and Kevin

Where to Propose in Main Street U.SA., Magic Kingdom

How We Met

I met Kevin in 2015 by mutual friends at the time. Kevin is in the Coast Guard and got station in Miami Beach, he is originally from Tampa. His roommate was dating my friend that I had a class with. She had told me that Kevin and I should meet because we were both tall and that he is a really good guy. I agreed to meet him but Kevin did not know I was coming over for a party that his room mate was throwing. We actually did not talk to much to each other at the party, he was kind of shy until I went up and said Hi to him. It was not till about 3 months later on my birthday that we reconnected because the friend I had, asked him to come out for my birthday! We started talking again but just as friends at first and eventually we really started hanging out with each other. On April 24th come to find out Kevin thought we were already boyfriend and girlfriend! He mentioned it and I just said “wait you haven’t asked me out!” and then he asked me to be his girlfriend in the middle of dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory! We have been dating for almost 2 years. It has been the best two years having my best friends, partner in crime by my side for everything!

Proposal Ideas Main Street U.SA., Magic Kingdom

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Main Street U.SA., Magic Kingdom

how they asked

Kevin and I love to go to Walt Disney World. So it was only fitting that he proposed to me in the happiest place on earth! It was my birthday so we had started the day drinking around the world and then jump over to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! He had planned to ask me before dinner and while there was still sunlight out. Unfortunately that did not happen because we were running around our hotel trying to find our shirts that were sent there. Thankfully the hotel was nice enough to buy us shirts since there was such a trouble. We rushed to the Magic Kingdom to make our dining reservation. We thankfully did because we had called ahead. We had finished our dinner at Be Our Guest and had to go buy some Christmas shirt. Knowing there was time before fireworks we went to go take a picture with Santa Goofy. As we were walking back to Main Street to get a nice view of the castle he says he wants to take picture in front of the castle. I could tell Kevin was not acting right, he never likes to take pictures plus he wasn’t breathing right, like he was nervous. As we are waiting in line, on Main Street, the 5 minute announcement was going off about how the fireworks are about to begin. Finally we get to the front of the line and I walk to the spot we are suppose to be. As he walks up he goes straight down to his knee! I started crying so much. All I could hear was ” I knew I wanted to marry since the first day I met you”, someone in the back ground in gasping, and then ” will you marry me?!” Of course I said yes! Everyone was clapping and cheering for us! It was a dream and then next thing we know fireworks started! Fireworks mean so much to us because that is the first time Kevin said he loved me!