Tiffany and Joshua

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How We Met

My story meeting my wonderful man is one you may find hard to believe. It was a stormy night in Houston. All flights were cancelled. I was pissed that I wasn’t going to make it home tonight. No more flights out they said, but feel free to stand in this crazy long line and get rebooked for tomorrow. I was looking really hott too….top bun, no make up, t-shirt and yoga pants. My usual attire. Let’s be honest, who has time for a pencil skirt and stilettos in the airport? Anyhow, the line was backed up for days and moving. My bags are falling over and I am struggle busing HARDCORE. I am driving that thing. I’m trying to get all my crap together when this fine piece of a man walks up and offers to help. He picks up my bags and helps me move in the line. We begin chatting.

He asked about my work and I asked about his. We continue to hit it off throughout the long, long, LONG line. Suddenly, I didn’t care too much that I was going to spend the night in the airport. His smile…gosh, I could look at it all day. However, I was the biggest skeptic. The whole time I am telling myself “tiff, you don’t meet your soulmate in the airport. Dream on.” But the chemistry! It was so strong and powerful. We just clicked, ya know? I would argue with myself “it could happen, he’s perfect”. Then I would remind myself this was NOT a movie and this doesn’t happen in real life. Boy was I wrong! After about 2 hours of chatting we got to the front.

The lady told us there was one plane that hadn’t left the runway yet, if we ran across the airport we might make it to Louisiana tonight. So off we went. He happened to be going there as well. What a small world. Naturally, we didn’t sit together on the plane – this isn’t a movie people! lol. When we got the New Orleans, he gave me his number and said “I don’t believe in coincidence”. And just like that…we were destined to be together. The picture is of our first date. He took me to see Justin Timberlake! I feel like that’s cheating…I mean, I had to marry him after that!

how they asked

It was a rainy day in the spring, when my entire life was changed. You see, my beau and I met in the airport only 11 months prior, as I mentioned above. It was a stormy day and both our flights got cancelled. We got into the same line, he helped me with my bags and it was love. Seems like a movie, really. Anyway, we had been doing long distance since we met. Long weekends and skype dates made up our relationship. Bakc and forth from Atlanta to Dallas. Sometimes going over a month without seeing each other. That will do something dreadful to a heart madly in love. Anyhow, back to the story. I was in Michigan visiting my parents for the weekend. I had invited my boyfriend, Josh, to come with me however he had to decline due to a graduation he had to attend.

I was bummed, but I knew the person graduating meant a great deal to him, so I tried to understand. However, I was really sad Friday night when he didn’t call me. He was busy out with the boys. And I shouldn’t have minded, but I sure did miss him. I blame it on the distance or mabye the box of Cheez-it’s I had downed myself earlier. Either way, I was sulking, I am not proud to admit. I went to bed early and for sure disappointed. I was woken up on Saturday morning to my mom, sister-in-law and best friend urging me to get up and take a shower. Nothing says I love you quite like that. lol. I got ready to go and they told me they wanted to take me to brunch (my all time favorite thing to do) and to get pedicures. What girl can turn down an offer like that?!

I wasn’t thinking anything about it because those activities are a common things us girl treat ourselves to when together. After stuffing our faces, getting pretty at the salon and drinking my favorite BiggBy coffee (a must have when in the mitten), we headed home. It was raining and the girls suggested a movie night. I was counting down the second to putting on my fat pants (ya know, those giant sweats you where when you’re eating pizza and a milkshake?). It was the weekend before my birthday, so I had hoped for something a little more thrilling at night, but I was trying not to complain. I do love a good movie night. When I got home, my mother told me that my brother wanted us to walk over to the barn to hear a new song he wrote. Honestly, I didn’t want to go. I was still sulking and sad (I have high expectations for my birthday weekend to be nothing short of a New Years Eve kinda gig, plus I was missing my man).

But with enough guilt, our mothers can get us to do just about anything. I told her, let me put my fat pants on first. She was insistent on me going in my dress. She said she wanted to take some pictures of me. (Again, not uncommon for my mom to take awkward photos of me standing alone. I do love that woman!). So I begrudgingly walked over to our neighbors barn where my brother was practicing. When I walked into the barn, I saw christmas lights (my first thought was this is kinda romantic for band practice dontcha think???) Before I could make a sarcastic comment, I saw him. My love. My man. My one and only. Standing about a football field away.

I froze. He was in a suit and Brian McCknight was playing (oh yeah, he’s good). I couldn’t move. I screamed out, “what are you doing here?” He replied, “I wanted to surprise you”. I repeated, “but what are you doing here?”. This went on for a few mins before my sister in law gave me a little nudge to walk towards him. So I did. I walked up towards him. I was speechless (which is anyone knows me knows that is a RARE condition for me). As I got closer, he reached out to hug me. I was still in such shock, I was standing several feet away with my hands cupped around my mouth. Slowly, he pulled me in for a kiss. Then he said, “I want to ask you a question”. He got down on one knee and pulled out a little box with a big shiny diamond in it.

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Before he could begin his speech to asking me for my hand, my natural response was, “HOLY SHIT”. Ha. No, I didn’t cry, I didn’t feel the butterflies. I just cussed. Of course he laughed and I shrugged my shoulders like “sorry kid, but this is me”. After that, he went on with this beautiful….well, I don’t actually remember what he said. I literally cannot remember A WORD OF IT. Hope he didn’t practice too hard. But I think it ended in “will you marry me?” because I said yes and got the ring! I was overwhelmed and maybe truly speechless for the first time in my life.

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Afterwards, we enjoyed a romantic picnic he had set up for us. I am a sucker for romance and I adore having picnics. There was really delicious Italian food (my favorite), flowers, candles, sparkling grape juice and a very elegant cheese platter he had put together. It was perfect. Just like my prince. You never know when love will find you – in the airport when you least expect it – but embrace it, let it in. We were married in November last year and being married to him really feels like a dream. But it’s not. It’s real life. It’s my life. And that is our story.

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