Tiffany and Jonathan

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How We Met

Jonathan and I met almost 3 years ago in March 2013 in San Clemente, CA. He was a marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. When we decided to follow up meeting each other by going to dinner, he drove from base to take me to an amazing dinner at on the Main Street of San Clemente. To be honest I definitely was not ready by the time he got there, so he told me to go ahead and take my time. After introducing him to my mom, he came in and talked with her for about 20 min. I was completely impressed! After we headed down to the Main Street by the beach for dinner. We hit it off immediately, talking and laughing forever. Afterwards we were having so much we decided to go to my favorite place. I had loved it since as long as I can remember. It’s a secret spot in Dana Point. There are stairs the lead down to the water, but if you climb down the rocks besides them, you can get to a hidden cove between beautiful bluffs and cliffs. The water is filled with rocked so the waves crash and fly into the sky sparkling away! It’s just breathtaking. Not that we would have seen this at night, but the sky is just as beautiful. This night in particular was filled with dazzling stars.

We sat on the beach for hours until 2 o’clock in the morning talking about pretty much everything we could think of, from favorite things to the most embarrassing moments. As cliche as it sounds I remember in between laughs thinking that there was something different about this man. I knew he was the one.

Well after that night needless to say, things took off with a running start. Since he was in the marines we didn’t get to see each other until the weekends, but we talked as much as we could and he spent every off day driving to see me. We couldn’t get enough of each other. Two weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend, but in doing so he informed me that he needed to tell me he was deploying at the end of the summer in August. He told me how much he wanted me to say yes but understood if I wasn’t wanting to go through that. I thought about it and decided that any hardship would be worth it if it meant staying with Jonathan. I knew we could make it. And we did. He deployed at the end of August. That was probably the hardest time in my life, but it brought us closer than we ever had been. We sent letters and packages to each other as often as we could. He was originally supposed to come back right before Valentine’s Day, but he ended up having his deployment extended. He did not let this stop out Valentine’s Day though. I woke up that morning to a huge, gorgeous bouquet of roses at my door step with a letter from Jonathan. He just never seemed to stop putting a smile on my face even half way across the world. We finally got an answer for when he was coming home and I couldn’t have been more excited.

He came back to Camp Pendleton 2 weeks later. I waited for almost two hours at base. Buses kept coming in but his ran late. After pacing back and forth and searching over the crowd 100 times, he surprised me by walking up behind me. I remember turning around and immediately jumping up into his arms. After only communicating through written letters for the longest deployment ever, there was no better feeling in the world than being in his arms and being able to kiss him again. That was one of the happiest moments in my life, until the proposal. Fast forwarding almost 3 years later, we had made it through another task of Jonathan going through the police academy as well as the greatest accomplishment of buying a house together. Two months into our new house, this brings us to the day of our proposal.

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how they asked

It is now this year on Christmas Eve. Jonathan knows that my favorite holiday is Christmas. I LOVE Christmas! The magic, the love, the spirit, everything about it. It was the first holiday we were able to get both of our families together. He told me we were going to go down to our spot (the secret cove we had our first date at) at sunset to take a family picture with everyone. On the drive there he put on “our song,” Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” He began to sing along, then he took my hand, kissed it, and told me how much he loved me. Thinking nothing of it I told him I loved him too and began to sing along with him. When we got to the cove, we walked down the hidden stairs and rocks to the beach. We turned to corner and I was SHOCKED. He had a bouquet of roses next to a big heart made of rose petals and candles in the sand with “Marry Me?” in the middle.

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I didn’t know what to do! I was so surprised and before I knew it got down on one knee, and opening a box with the most stunning ring inside, he asked me to marry him. I was so excited I couldn’t get out anything but an immediate yes yes yes!

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And then to make the moment even more amazing ALL of our family came out that very moment! He had them hiding behind the cliffs so all of our loved ones could share in the moment with us! It was the most incredible day of my life and the best Christmas present I ever had! Love is the most incredible thing, and I am so happy that I get to spend it with Jonathan.

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