Tiffany and Johnathan

Where to Propose in In Philadelphia at one of the 1st restaurants we visited

How We Met

John and I have known each other for 5 years, we met online and have been completely long distance throughout our entire relationship. He’s from NJ and I live in Michigan. From our first conversation to the day we met until now it’s always been easy. Easy conversation, easy being around each other just easy. The distance was the only hard part, we took some time apart but we ended up back together.

how they asked

This past September we planned to go to a concert, for that trip I planned on being with him for maybe 2 days but he demanded that I stay longer so that I could attend his brother’s housewarming. I was hesitant but I worked it out. I had no idea what he had planned until he suggested that I wear the same dress I wore on our first dinner date and he’d wear the same thing he wore. Of course, I let my mind go in overdrive. And it stayed in overdrive until we arrived at the restaurant that already closed for the night. All the I thought flew out the window on the drive back home. He suggested another restaurant the following night and to make up for the original one being closed he bought me a beautiful dress and perfect shoes to match. My spirits were definitely lifted but the assumption I had long gone. When we pulled up to the restaurant and the valet parked the car, he suggested that we get our picture taken. It was beautiful outside, we were off the water in Philadelphia near a beautiful boat and the sun we setting. He found someone to take our picture, I turned away to fix my hair and when I looked back he was on his knee with a ring. His was shaking and smiling and I couldn’t believe what was happening. The location was perfect! The ring was perfect! He’s perfect!