Tiffany and John

John likes to go all out. The proposal was no exception. It all started with Tiff’s 24th birthday. They spent the day relaxing and ended it with a seafood dinner prepared by Tiff’s dad. After dinner, John led Tiffany to her birthday present… a bedding set she had been eyeing for about a year. She was so excited, and proud of her thoughtful boyfriend.

Then came the birthday card. The card had a schedule of events for the following week, “Tiff’s Birthday Week!” The first event was a homemade breakfast, a couple other days were dinner menus, and some agenda items simply said “surprise.” The card came complete with a fill-it-in homemade calendar for clues that would be given in text message form each day. The clues were supposed to lead to a surprise on the final day of the “Birthday Week.”

The clues were confusing at first, but Tiffany eventually figured out that the surprise was a Billy Currington concert at the Soaring Eagle Casino. She felt bad for figuring out the clues early, but John assured her there was more in store. Confusion. On Thursday, Tiffany and John came home from work, where her family was waiting. After a quick hello, Tiff tried to run off for a second to change. John quickly yelled “Hey Tiff, do you see that!? I think there’s a new TV in the closet!” Well, she turned around to check it out, and instead of a TV, her long-time friend Tab was sitting in the closet. Tab lives in Texas, and the two hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years. It was the best surprise!!

Well, Tiff thought the surprises were over until John said “By the way, I won’t be coming home Friday night.” This was pretty strange, and to make it even more confusing, John wouldn’t say where he was going to be, only that he would see her sometime Saturday afternoon. So Tiff and Tab carried on catching up and spending time together. They met up with another friend, Meghan, for drinks on Friday, and then made the trip to Mount Pleasant on Saturday.

When they made it, Tab insisted that they stop and grab a bathing suit for the hotel before meeting up with John. While pulling into the store parking lot, Tab made a quick turn into a strip mall. She told Tiff that they needed to run into a nail salon really quickly. More confusion. After the car was parked, they walked towards the door and were greeted by another long-time friend, Danielle, carrying a bottle of wine and waiting to get pedicures started. Tiff thought this must be the very last surprise, but the girls were acting a little funny, not quite answering questions to the fullest extent. So, Tiff assumed the last surprise must be another friend waiting at the casino for them.

They drove to the casino and John was waiting at the door to escort Tiff to the pool area, where he said a friend of theirs was waiting. She knew it! He led her to an outdoor lounge area, near a beautiful pond and fountain. At that moment, he asked “Are you having fun, baby?” She replied, “Of course I am.” He then asked, “Do you want the fun to last forever?” And she said “Well, yeah!” Who wouldn’t want to be treated like a princess for a week straight!? John then said, “Hold my beer really quick!” He dug around in his pocket and then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She quickly replied, “Yes!” and then he opened a box with the most perfect ring inside. He then yelled out “SHE SAID YES!” At first, Tiff didn’t understand why he was yelling at all of the strangers, but then she heard cheers from a cabana behind them. She turned to see that their family and friends had been there the whole time, waiting for this perfect moment.