Tiffany and James

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How We Met

I met James on my 19th birthday when I stopped by my friend Jillian’s house to meet her boyfriend. His friend James was there as well but I didn’t even notice him. A week later Jill asked if I wanted to join her and a friend on a trip o the dog park and I took up her offer which was nothing out of the ordinary. James, the guy who I met at her house a week earlier, was the friend who she had brought along. He was nice and i’m certainly characterized as an outgoing and friendly person so we talked that day, played with Jill’s dog and took pictures together like kids do but I didn’t think anything of it. A few hours after I went home I received a text from Jillian saying that her friend James thought I was really nice and he would like to talk more but he was afraid to ask for my number.

It was flattering and all but I was recently out of my high school long relationship and had no interest in dating and giving my heart away. None. I felt bad though and had no reason not to be friends with the guy so I told Jill to give me his number and that I would text him, and so I did. We spent time together, with encouragement from my grandmother who told me I needed to let the guy take me out to the movies one night or for ice cream the next, and he eventually asked me to be his girlfriend but as I said, I really didn’t want a boyfriend. For some reason this guy decided to be persistent and not give up. After pursuing me with dates for over a month and after asking me four times to be his girlfriend, I finally said yes. (He totally didn’t know what he was getting himself into with this loud, dancing pageant girl!)

how they asked

My uncle lives relatively far east and quite south on the island in a town called Mastic Beach. I keep my pink kayak there as he’s right on the water and it is something James and I like to do. I visit my uncle almost weekly but for some reason last Sunday I saw a sign on the road that said, “William Floyd Estate”. James is a high school history teacher, as was my great-grandfather who served in our country’s armed forces and so I’ve been brought up to appreciate it as well. While James and I don’t have very many things in common, our love for historical venues is something we enjoy sharing together.

(Our wedding venue is also a historic plantation home, Rose Hill Plantation, in Bluffton, South Carolina so if you’re in the area.. take their tour.. it’s everything!) And so I asked James if we could visit and take a tour of the house the coming weekend. He had some free time and offered to call and make our reservations. Little did I know, his call involved much more detail and planning than just putting our name on the reservation list.

We arrived and jumped right into our tour of the house and the history of the Floyd family and their influence on Long Island. (Mr. William Floyd is one of the men who signed The Declaration of Independence!) Once finished with the tour I asked if we could go see the bard but James wanted to see the front of the house and led me in the opposite direction. We came upon a park ranger who was taking pictures and she asked if we would mind posing for her as they were about to “update their website to include tourists on the property” .. ok.

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So we took a photo in front of the house but she asked me to move over out of the shade of a tree. As I turned around James grabbed my hand and bent down on one knee.

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I was so shocked that I was speechless!

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I must have nodded because James slid the most perfect ring onto my finger and stood up to hug me.

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When I looked away there were even more park rangers clapping for us and presenting us with an engagement gift!

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(We were the first people to ever get engaged on the property and so they wanted to celebrate with us!) I was still unable to speak and burst into tears as the park ranger posed us by the house for even more photos. James knew it was my dream to have photos of what is now the best day of my life thus far and he made it come true along with so many other perfect details. From the historical location and the park ranger who just happened to formerly be a professional photographer who got the camera from my bridesmaid Jillian who introduced me to my James and picked up said camera from my uncles house and dropped it off with the park ranger only hours before our arrival to having my college roommate (now Maid of Honor) surprise us at dinner, the day was beyond my wildest dreams and now I get to marry the man who loves me.

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I am living a dream! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Lauren who helped James pick the ring, Jill who introduced me to my future husband, Anita for taking our beautiful proposal photos, the rest of the William Floyd Estate staff for your warm, love and hospitality, to my grammy who told me which outfit to wear and to everyone else who’s played a roll in our life thus far and our upcoming wedding! Thank you so very much! Xo The Future Mrs. King! #FromRingToKing

Special Thanks

WIlliam Floyd Estate Staff
 | Location and Photography