Tiffany and Jacob

Tiffany's Proposal in Bruce Peninsula National Park, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

How We Met

Jacob and I met for the first time in Grade Two at elementary school. We didn’t really talk, but my family lived on a farm so his Mom boarded her horse at our place for awhile. Jake would come with his Mom to visit the horse, but I was too shy to ever really say hello. In Grade Three, my siblings and I switched schools. Jake’s Mom stopped boarding their horse at our place shortly after and I didn’t see Jake again until we both went to the same high school. Our first period class in Grade Nine was math class together. Jake sat behind me as per the seating arrangement and I always thought he was really cute. Every day he would tap me on the shoulder and ask if he could borrow a pencil. I just thought he was forgetful but as he told me years later, it was only so he could talk to me. After a few months of Grade Nine, Jacob asked me to be his girlfriend as my Valentines Day present. I said yes, of course. We have been together through getting our drivers licenses, being able to drink, deciding our career paths, prom, graduating high school, graduating college and getting our first apartment together. After 7 years, everyone kept asking when we would get married and we both knew it would be soon, but I had no idea how soon…

how they asked

In February 2017, I saw a contest on Facebook from a photographer page I follow where if you shared the post you were entered to win a free photoshoot of your choice. I shared the photo and won! The photographers and I both agreed that the couples photoshoot I chose would be best for the fall because of the pretty colours. We agreed to get back in contact in August. When August rolled around, I messaged the photographers and booked the shoot for Thanksgiving Monday, October 9, at Bruce Peninsula National Park in Tobermory, Ontario. I told Jake and he was on board. Little did I know that shortly after I messaged the photographers, Jake messaged them as well to let them know he was going to make the photoshoot even more special. When Thanksgiving Weekend rolled around, we made a trip of the weekend, staying in hotels along the way and adventuring together.

Finally on the Monday night we met with the photographers and started on the trail to take pictures. During the shoot there were multiple times that the two photographers would seperate Jake and I for individual shots. Little did I know that they weren’t actually taking pictures of Jake, they were discussing the plan with him for when to propose! Apparently it was decided that the key words would be “this lighting is great” to signal that he should propose… When we got to the other side of the park on rocks overlooking the water with the sun setting behind us, I was so excited because I knew these photos would be gorgeous with this lighting. But Jake was acting weird and seemed bored, even though the photographer kept insisting that “this lighting is great”… I was getting so frustrated with Jake, wanting him to be happy and willing to take these pictures with such nice lighting!

Finally he asked for a water break and i agreed but asked him to hurry to get better shots in this light still. Why he was acting weird was that the photographer was giving the key words to go ahead, but the ring was in the bag with the waters by the photographer! Finally he returned from the water break and before I knew it he was telling me how much he loves me and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me… I was so excited, I don’t remember exactly what he said and I didn’t even remember if he had gotten down on one knee! Luckily we had amazing photographers to capture the moment for me to remember it forever!!

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Special Thanks

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