Tiffany and Harry

How We Met

Harry and I met during the summer my freshman year of high school. I was 6 years younger then him and he completely payed me no mind. Fast forward almost 5 years later during the summer my freshman year of college I was walking with my cousin to the Santa Rosalia feast in Brooklyn and there he was standing in the corner. I didn’t notice him but my cousin did. We started talking and me thinking I was too cool for him now didn’t pay him any mind. Karma I guess lol… My cousin suggested we exchange numbers so we did and I left. That same night I was meeting my friends at a bar in Bay Ridge, as soon as I opened the door there he was standing there with a Heinekin in his hand. The rest is history.

how they asked

I had no idea that he was going to propose. We speak about it from time to time but I never thought he took me seriously. We both had a week off in February so we decided to fly out to Bermuda for a quick getaway from the snow in NYC. On Monday we walked around the resort and toured the caves in the area. Everything seemed normal, we walked around had lunch and just lounged. When we got back to the hotel there was a cocktail hour. He told me he was going to run back to the room to get his charger since his phone was dying. He came back we grabbed a few drinks and talked, again nothing serious. We then walked back to the room. As we got in the room he said “look over there.” I recognized that robot, we had recently bought some from this local artist but this one was different. There was a heart carved in there. On the heart was a string. He said go pull it out. Inside that string was a ring. I honestly have no idea what he said. I kept turning around and walking away and all I heard was “will you…?” He originally planned to have a tour around the island on a helicopter so he could propose there but due to high winds in the off season he had to turn to plan B and it couldn’t have been anymore perfect!

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