Tiffany and Gary

How We Met: In October of 2010, I received a tragic call that my twin sister was in a car accident. She spend months in ICU due to a broken spinal cord leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. She later was transfered to a rehabilitation center where she became bored and was seeking some entertainment. One day I came in to bring her lunch and just as I entered Gary was leaving. He was the student physical therapist on her case and was helping her get back on her feet.


Immediately I told her I thought he was attractive and that’s when the wheels in her head started turning. From then on every time she saw either of us she teased, playing cupid. I never thought anything would come of it but when he finished his internship I received a text from him asking me out. Soon enough we were visiting my sister in rehab together. He was one of the first people to help her on her road to recovery and now my soon to be husband.

how they asked: A couple of weeks before my birthday, Gary mentioned that we should make a visit to my favorite city San Francisco to celebrate there. Plans were made and on July 12th we set off to spend the weekend there. On the first night, we walked around and came to Union Square where I loved to sit at night and watch the lights of the city. After sitting for a while, Gary stands up and says that we should take a picture. After taking the picture he starts off saying how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

Being clueless, she says she hopes so and walks away to go back and sit down. We sat some more and then decide to take an other picture and for him to make his second attempt. As we are standing there cheesing for a selfie, a homeless person comes up and starts talking to us and asking for money. 10 minutes later the lady goes away and we yet again, go back and sit down. At this point Union Square is nearly empty and we had been sitting there for over an hour. Gary then starts his speech… he stands up, pulling me with him and gets down on his knee to ask me to marry him.

Bride's Proposal in San Francisco, california

It couldn’t have been more perfect with the city lights and in my favorite spot. Proof that the 3rd times a charm.

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